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Published: October 4, 2021

Written by: David

  • Razer has launched a new initiative by the name Champions Start from Within
  • The gaming peripherals brand wants to inspire games, professional and casual alike, to live more healthily
  • Razer has hired esteemed professionals to guide the initiative

Razer launches the Champions Start from Within initiative to inspire gamers to lead a healthier lifestyle.

A Program For All Struggling Gamers

Renowned gaming peripherals brand Razer has launched an initiative called “Champions Start from Within”. The program is focused on guiding players on how to improve their physical and mental health.

Champions Start from Within will urge players from all backgrounds to live better lives as a whole. The initiative will provide gamers with advice on how to eat more healthily, how to maintain strong mental and physical health, and how to adopt better habits as a whole. Razer will host various discussions on all of the matters of physical and mental health and will try to secure a healthier future for gamers across the globe.

The program will be based around four pillars of wellbeing – physical activity, mental health, sleep, and nutrition. It will be coordinated by experts in the various fields of wellbeing. Those will include nutritionists, therapists, psychologists, and more, all of which will prepare various media and live events on the aforementioned topics.  The specialists will also speak personally with people who decide to take part in the program and make an appointment. 

Furthermore, Razer has already scheduled several 2021 events as a part of the Champions Start from Within initiative. In November, Razer will hold an open wellness webinar. During the event, esteemed experts in the field of wellbeing will speak on the matter of maintaining good health, with a focus on gamers and esports players.

Razer’s director of global esports, Flo Gutierrez, spoke on the matter. He revealed that esports’ biggest strengths are also its greatest weaknesses – the dynamic and fast-paced environment is what sets apart esports from many other competitive events. And yet, this is also the cause why so many players quickly burn out.

“The industry hasn’t placed a lot of emphasis on physical and mental health, so many athletes are often unaware of how to care for their minds and bodies for a longer-lasting career,” Gutierrez explained.

The Best Gamer is the Healthy One

Recent times have seen a surge in awareness of how damaging the stress surrounding esports can be to a player’s psyche. Many elite players have left the profitable careers of esports athletes to search for a less stressful lifestyle.

Players who burn out also have their performance suffer because of it – common symptoms include headaches, lack of sleep, severe pain in the back or wrist, as well as vision issues. Therefore it’s best for esports athletes to stay healthy if they are to stay at the top of their game.

Razer’s Champions Start from Within initiative is one of many that have attempted to tackle the problem and urge esports professionals to pursue a better lifestyle. A few months ago, the Counter-Strike Professional Players’ Association collaborated with We.Care for a mental health program. Earlier this year Riot Games also released their own guidelines to help people improve their health while playing. Even earlier, Nadeshot from 100 Thieves propagated Excedrin as a medication against severe gamer headaches.

Razer’s own program is currently live on the peripherals brand’s official website. Gamers who experience symptoms of burnout or just want to improve their lifestyle should go check it out.

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