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Published: March 22, 2021

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Three years after its release, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile surpasses a billion downloads
  • The developers in Tencent have successfully kept players excited by regular game updates and collaborations
  • Following the success of the game, a new and more futuristic title called PUBG: New State has been announced

After being on a constant rise for three years, PUBG Mobile hits the milestone of a billion downloads. A new title in the same universe is coming soon to inherit that same success. 

PUBG’s Impressive Feat and What’s to Come

Few games can brag for having a billion downloads. PlayerUnknown’s Battleground Mobile has just joined the ranks of those who can, as the game has surpassed that number. The grand news was officially announced by Tencent yesterday during the online celebrations for the game’s third anniversary. 

It is no surprise that PUBG Mobile reached that milestone. From the spectacular release in March 2018, the game has been on a constant rise. The teams behind the game definitely did their best not to let the hype run cold. They produced new in-game content nonstop and grabbed every opportunity to add a collaborated event in the game. 

New maps, modes, and cosmetics were constantly being made and kept PUBG Mobile fresh for newcomers and long-time enthusiasts alike. Collaborations have also helped maintain the players’ interest. There most recent example is the game’s birthday party where the game worked together with R3HABDJs Alesso, and Lost Frequencies for a live performance where each of the three debuted a new single. The show will be available to watch in-game as well. 

Even now, having hit a billion downloads, the game still isn’t done with producing new content. A new 2 square kilometers map will soon be released as well as a collaborated event with the Godzilla vs. Kong film. 

The news doesn’t end here as Krafton, one of the developer companies has announced a new mobile title in the same world. It will be called PUBG: New State and will take on a more futuristic approach. The game will be set in a sci-fi setting in 2051 and will feature new, more-fantastical weapons and vehicles but will still be historically connected with the original title. The game will keep the battle royale style but with a new fresher flair. 

PUBG: New State will be released for both iOS and Android later this year.

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