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Published: March 18, 2021

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • A pair of companies will spice up video game tournaments with prediction games
  • The audience will have the opportunity to guess certain outcomes and be rewarded if they are right
  • The goal is to “gamify” tournaments for the viewers and make them feel more involved

As gamification becomes increasingly popular, two Canadian esports companies take steps to make their tournaments more appealing by adding prediction games. 

TGS Esports and FansUnite’s Innovative Idea

The Gaming Stadium Esports is an esports company that owns a first-of-its-kind stadium dedicated to competitive gaming. It has partnered with Fortune 500 in the past and has hosted in participated in events dedicated to numerous games.

FansUnite is an iGaming company focused on introducing technological solutions in both sports and gambling. They have a wide market, with some estimating their revenues for 2020 to exceed a billion dollars.

The two companies will shake hands as both of them will collaborate with the goal of introducing prediction games into live esports events. These games, developed by FansUnite, will become a staple to every event hosted inside TGS’s stadium. The audience will be able to make guesses about how tournaments will develop, and the most perspicacious of them will win all kinds of gaming goodies, like peripherals. 

These guessing games will also be a part of the Pepper platform, owned by TGS – thus, everyone using it to run a tournament, regardless of professional or not, will be able to use the system and offer the viewers to make engaging predictions.

Spiro Khouri, CEO of TGS, is thrilled to be working with FansUnite. He believes the prediction system they have created will be loved by fans. Khouri mentions that Gamification is something he firmly believes in as it is something that makes viewers feel personally involved. 

Scott Burton, FansUnite’s CEO, also feels excited about the collaboration. He believes that with TGS’s established infrastructure and FansUnite’s technological solutions, the two companies can become visionaries on the ever-growing esports market and widen their collective audience. 

We can be hopeful that with their conjoined forces, the pair will continue to drive the esports scene forward. 

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