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Published: October 12, 2021

Written by: Silvia Pavlof

  • Pinnacle Solution has launched the esports-focused betting solution called the Esports Hub
  • It has been designed by fans of esports with the idea of being as appealing as possible
  • Operators who are interested in catering to the esports betting audience can add the Esports Hub to their offerings

Pinnacle Solution has launched a new esports-focused B2B betting solution by the name “the Esports Hub”.

For Esports Fans by Esports Fans

Pinnacle-owned B2B sportsbook management software provider Pinnacle Solution has introduced the Esports Hub – an esports sportsbook described as the ultimate betting destination for esports fans. Operators who work with Pinnacle Solution will be able to benefit from the Esports Hub and its valuable tools.

The Esports Hub has been designed by people who are well-versed in the esports sector and aims to deliver experiences created to suit fans’ needs. Its goal is to establish itself as the go-to esports betting destination for all fans of competitive gaming that also enjoy the thrill of gambling.

Pinnacle Solution released a launch video that showcases the exciting hub. It has a sleek user-friendly fantasy-inspired interface that features all kinds of gaming imagery, such as team logos and splash arts. The Esports Hub is the perfect example of a UI that looks fresh and well-suited for the generally younger esports audience, while still being comprehensive and allowing users to quickly find their favorite bets.

The sportsbook will provide a constant stream of content, covering a total of 35+ esports games across 100+ regions. The Esports Hub promises more than 2000 live games per month and more than 7000 pre-match events.

Lastly, the Esports Hub will have an integrated streaming service, allowing live bettors to simultaneously follow both the game and their bets, without constantly switching tabs. Scoreboards will keep track of the odds and will provide bettors with valuable data.

Appealing to the Esports Audience

The Esports Hub is built on Pinnacle’s 11 years of industry experience. The company’s products are created with both the partnering betting operators and the bettors in mind. The new offering is no different as Pinnacle has researched well the market and what esports gamblers want before tailoring a sportsbook to their needs.

Pinnacle’s chief executive officer, Paris Smith, spoke on the new release:

“Esports betting is a vertical in its own right, not an extension of the traditional sportsbook, and this B2B tool provides the community with a betting destination tailored to how they like to engage with esports, while also delivering operators new revenue streams and enhanced hold potential,” Smith said.

Pinnacle’s years on the market have earned it well-deserved critical acclaim. Operators who are enthusiastic to appeal to the esports betting audience can already integrate the Esports Hub to their own offerings as an add-on or as a fully-serviced plug-and-play sportsbook.

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