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Published: December 17, 2021

Written by: David Kent

  • Players can now “rent” an RTX 3080 GPU for up to eight-hour sessions
  • This applies to both PC and Mac, as long as users have a strong enough internet connection
  • With component shortages and high prices, this might prove a viable option for many

Players can now have an RTX 3080 GeForce experience, even if they don’t own the physical GPU, as Nvidia’s cloud-gaming service opens subscriptions to everyone.

GeForce NOW Opens Memberships

When making a gaming PC, one always has to face the issue of finding a suitable graphics processing unit. With the component shortages we’ve had this year, it seems the problem will persist, however, GeForce NOW, might be a glimpse of hope for some players. Nvidia’s cloud-based streaming service recently opened its RTX 3080 tier memberships.

GeForce NOW is Nvidia’s attempt at making a cloud-based gaming service. It allows players to have a “complimentary” instead of a direct replacement for dedicated hardware. It left Beta in February last year and it provides tiered subscriptions for those who need better GPUs, but can’t afford to buy one. In October, the service opened pre-orders for GeForce NOW RTX 3080 but now the RTX 3080 subscription has been made available for everyone.

Of course, using the service is not the same thing as having the physical product, but it is a decent substitute, as long as your Internet can handle it. Any subscribers have to test their internet speeds first and have at least 25Mbps download speed for 1080p at 60fps and 35Mbps via a 5GHz router or Ethernet for 1440p at 120fps. More information about internet speed requirements can be learned on Nvidia’s official website.

What Are the Other GeForce NOW Tiers?

Nvidia’s cloud-based gaming features three tiers, with each one offering different levels of access to servers and playtime. The prices for each tier vary a lot, but one could say that there’s something for every gamer.

The RTX 3080 is the newest and highest tier, coming in with a steep cost of $99.99 per six months, making for a $200 annual investment. Subscribers will gain access to (sort of like renting a GPU) an RTX 3080 rig and its exclusive servers, eight-hour sessions at up to 120fps in 1440p on both PC and Mac, 4K HDR Shield TV support, and Crysis Remastered.

The next tier down is called the Priority membership, which grants users the use of priority servers and includes six-hour sessions at up to 60fps in 1080p. It’s priced at $49.99 every six months. The third tear is the free one, where users gain access to a non-RTX rig and just a one-hour long session. It’s rather week, but you get what you paid for.

With components predicted to rise in cost in 2022, it seems there is potential for Nvidia or other companies’ cloud-based gaming services.

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