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Published: April 23, 2021

Written by: Kyamil Nasuf

  • Recently formed Esports Fashion Group has revealed its very first event
  • The Esports Fashion Week will come later this year and will usher the concept of fashion weeks into esports
  • Company representatives aim to “push heights”

The freshly established Esports Fashion Group will break grounds by introducing fashion weeks into competitive gaming.

Four People Team Up to Bring Fashion to Esports

The Esports Fashion Group is a new fashion company, aimed at competitive gamers. It has already teased news for its first event that it will be holding in the second half of 2021. The event will be called Esports Fashion Week and will introduce the idea of a fashion week in esports.

It was established by four people with significant field experience when it comes to gaming, namely the following:

  • Warren Fish
  • Owen Fish
  • Ali Rezvan
  • Alex Bienert

Each of the four has worked for major companies, most of which related to gaming. Those include Microsoft, Nintendo, Verizon and Movember.

Moreover Warren Fish has worked as a co-founder for the creation of the Gfinity tournament organizer. He spoke about his current initiative:

“When I was first approached about this amazing opportunity, I couldn’t say no. The group’s vision was so clear, and there was no doubt in my mind that this would be a success.”

Since that Fish and his team have been giving their all to build strong foundations for the Esports Fashion Group. Fish shares he’s proud of what they have achieved.

“I believe that this concept is the future of esports fashion, and I am looking forward to going on that journey with the ever-growing team,” the co-founder concluded.

Esports Fashion Week’s Vision

Speaking of the Esports Fashion Week, it will introduce the idea of fashion weeks to gamers. It will serve as a hub for all kinds of industry brands, a platform where they can showcase their latest merchandise. The Esports Fashion Week will promote and support all those brands as they release their collections.

According to Owen Fish, who will serve as a VP of Strategy & Operations, gaming-related apparel has been increasingly popular. People have been flooding the esports community and in the surrounding industries as an extension.

“We want to push this to new heights, and I’m personally proud to be a part of growing this subculture,” Fish added.

The President of the company Ali Rezvan commented: “Launching the Esports Fashion Group alongside our partners marks a new chapter in developing this industry.”

Rezvan also teased that the company has a highly organized plan for the next 5-10 years that will “push the envelope on creativity and industry development”.

As gaming has slowly left obscurity and has become a worldwide phenomenon, it has turned into an identity people are proud of. Therefore fashion has been becoming an increasingly important part of it as people want to both support their favorite games and don their merchandise as a means of expression. On the same note Riot recently announced a new series of t-shirts coming later this year.

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