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Published: July 2, 2021

Written by: Barney

  • Singaporean companies Mediacorp and Emerge Esports have entered a partnership
  • The two will work on creating an environment for the growth of new talents for the region’s booming esports market
  • Spokespeople from the two parties spoke about their collective ambition

Media network Mediacorp and esports talent company Emerge Esports will be working together to train elite content creators for the region and beyond. 

Together for the Future of Esports

With Southeast Asia being affected by esports’ growth more than other regions, Singapore’s largest content creator and national media network, Mediacorp, has been doubling on its effort to support esports and content creators. With aims to boost that effectiveness, the company has partnered with professional gaming and esports talent management company Emerge Esports

As a part of the partnership, Emerge Esports will receive access to Mediacorp’s Bloomr.SG network and will use the benefits from the deal to support and develop gaming content creators. The network’s content and community lead Diogo Martins spoke with The Drum about the partnership. He revealed that the two parties aim to improve the content’s quality and create a strong community. Moreover, Martins plans to nurture promising talented people to work in the industry. 

“As with every Bloomr.SG creator, Emerge will have access to Bloomr.SG and Mediacorp’s digital studio, editing resources and production equipment, as well as, when necessary, internal Mediacorp designated staff for specific support functions across the year,” Martins elaborated.

Grabbing Every Opportunity to Grow

Emerge Esports is still is a fairly new company that has been quick to mark down its name, according to its CEO Roy Kek. The latter revealed that his company is looking to establish a roster of strong partners such as Mediacorp and TikTok in order to create an environment for the discovery and training of skilled new content creators. The plan is to provide them with sponsorship and cross-promotion opportunities. 

“This strategic partnership is a win-win situation for both Mediacorp and Emerge Esports, as this platform aims to develop Singapore’s content creator community by equipping them with the necessary tools that they need to excel in this nascent industry,” Kek told The Drum.

The two partners plan to also organize a collaborative event with celebrities which will further grow content creators’ popularity. Participating in pre-established events, campaigns, and festivities such as Singapore’s National Day Parade will also be an important thing to do.

 “With Emerge being a quickly growing company, talents can look forward to tapping into various monetization avenues that Mediacorp is able to provide due to their long-standing presence in Asia’s media sector,” is what Kek had to say on the matter. 

Other than boosting the two companies, this partnership will offer invaluable opportunities to the Singaporean content creators themselves. Kek hopes that these benefits will not only help Emerge’s pre-existing talents but will create a tempting ecosystem for new content creators. The opportunities of the environment lain down by Mediacorp and Emerge Esports will no doubt be and helpful to them. Additionally, that very environment will predispose to those creators growing and reaching to the global esports scene. 

The growth of esports deeply affects the Asia Pacific region, where currently, between 30 and 40 percent of the population watch esports on streams. This demand increases the need for more talented and capable content creators. The establishment of a functional and welcoming environment is sure to work in Mediacorp and Emerge’s favor. 

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