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Published: June 19, 2021

Written by: Hannah

  • Streamer Macaiyla has officially joined Cloud9’s lineup of content creators
  • The announcement was made via a fun video
  • Macaiyla is thrilled to become a part of the famous esports organization

Macaiyla has joined Cloud9 and promises fans that some exciting content will be coming soon.

Cloud9 Welcomes the Energetic Streamer

Famous Twitch streamer Macaiyla will be becoming a part of the Cloud9 esports organization. She will be joining the team’s content creator lineup and will be streaming under Cloud9’s name.

Macaiyla’s joining was announced with a quirky promotional video. In it, the streamer is “undergoing an interview” for joining the organization. Macaiyla jokingly shares some of her questionable old tweets to Cloud9’s brand ambassador Mateus Portilho and CEO Jack Etienne, assuring them she’s become a better person. The CEO says that he has something even better and proceeds to share the announcement of her being accepted into the organization.

Macaiyla later revealed that, in fact, she’s been a part of Cloud9 since May 17. She said it was the happiest day of her life when she was finally recognized and became a part of the team. Macaiyla first suggested she would fit in Cloud9 in a fun 2020 tweet.

Macaiyla as a Part of Something Bigger

The young streamer is excited by the opportunity to become a part of such an important organization. She shared that she is excited to join a team full of amazing, creative and talented people.

 “I’m even more excited for myself to show you guys the uniqueness that I can bring to the team, so stay tuned and keep an eye out for more content,” Macaiyla teased, suggesting new content is on the way.

By entering Cloud9, Macaiyla will be joining some other talented and popular players and streamers that work with the organization. Cloud9 is the home to some notable names such as League of Legends jungler IWillDominate and League of Legends Championship Series AD carry Sneaky.

However Macaiyla herself also isn’t a small name in gaming. She boasts the respectable number of more than 215,000 followers on Twitter and the even bigger 261,000+ people audience on Twitch and is known to play some challenging games such as Riot Games’ competitive moba League of Legends and FromSoftware’s notorious dark RPG Dark Souls.

Macaiyla’s fans can expect to see her collaborating with Cloud9’s varied lineup of content creators. It will be interesting to see what exciting new events wait in the future and how Macaiyla will contribute to her new team.

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