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Published: January 27, 2023

Written by: Isabella Aslam

  • He teams up with fellow popular streamer Charlie “MoistCr1TiKaL” White
  • Both acknowledge the organization is losing money despite performing well at events
  • Both will still sponsor it out of a passion for esports and the content

With a hilarious skit pointing out the deficiencies of many esports organizations, Ludwig and MoistCr1TiKaL announce the former is Moist Esports’ new co-owner.

Ludwig Announces Co-ownership

Some popular streamers don’t just stand in front of a camera and play games all day but are also actively involved in the organization of esports events. This can be no truer for Ludwig, who is famous for organizing big Super Smash Bros., like the recent Smash Scuffed World Tour, which he made after Nintendo canceled the official SWT.

Ludwig has organized and participated in other esports events before and it’s clear that he’s doing it out of a passion for gaming. He has been involved in esports even though he’s continually stated that many esports organizations cannot pay for themselves and instead rely on sponsors to function. But this did not stop him from becoming the new co-owner of Moist Esports, the organization founded by fellow popular streamer Charlie “MoistCr1TiKaL” White.

The announcement was made using a humorous skit Ludwig posted on his Twitter account. The video shows the streamer talking about how esports organizations often lose a lot of money. All of a sudden, Charlie walks into the room brandishing the Rocket League Spring Major Championship trophy his organization won last year. 

Both streamers then go back and forth with Ludwig explaining why esports organizations are bleeding money, to which Charlie responds by simply showing the other trophies Moist Esports has won and saying how fun it was. Eventually, Ludwig gives up and decides to burn money (with the pair throwing stacks of cash into a backyard barbeque) symbolizing that he does not care if the organization is profitable, he just wants to make cool content.

Charlie also uploaded a short video on his channel to announce the deal. Longtime viewers of his know that when he is wearing something different than a white t-shirt (in this case he was wearing a black tank top) there will be some big news. The streamer also played the skit and later talked about how excited he is about the partnership. Like Ludwig, he acknowledges the fact that Moist Esports, like other organizations, is unprofitable. However, he also says he’s doing this for good content, mentioning how Ludwig shares the same opinion and acknowledges the new co-owner’s passion.

Most Esports is a relatively new organization, having been founded by Charlie and Matt “SuperSpicyMatt” Phillips in August of 2021. The organization first sponsored just one player – Smash Bros pro ola “Kolawole” Aideyan. Since then, however, the organization has grown and now also sponsors Aaron “Aaron” Wilhite, Alexis “goblin deez” Stennett, and Paris “Light” Ramirez Garcia.

Moist Esports also has an active Rocket League roster compromised of Joe “Joyo” Young, Maëllo “AztraL” Ernst, and Charles “juicy” Sabiani.

With Ludwig’s vast experience in Smash, Moist Esports may soon sponsor even more players.

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