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Published: December 6, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Sentinels enter a strategic partnership with US supplement and energy drink brand ADVANCED
  • The new energy drink powder will come in a raspberry-lemonade flavor
  • The collab comes at a somewhat financially unstable time for Sentinels

In what is the first of many products planned, esports organization Sentinels announced the launch of Hopium, an energy drink created in collaboration with ADVANCED.

Sentinels Reveal Hopium

Like many other franchises, esports organizations also like to branch out to different areas in order to facilitate their brand recognition. One way that’s proven quite popular is to reach out to energy drink companies, as the beverages are quite popular among gamers and esports fans.

This is why North American esports organization Sentinels has announced a partnership with energy drink brand ADVANCED to launch a new product. Named “Hopium”, a play on words the esports organization likes to use a lot, the new energy drink powder symbolizes the start of a year-long partnership between both entities.

The slang Hopium has been in use on the internet for quite some time to describe the somewhat unwarranted optimism common in tough matches and other similar situations, also unrelated to esports and gaming. The word was also popularized quite a lot by Riot Games in 2021 when the company created a mock ad describing hopium as a drug that keeps “realistic expectations” out of one’s mind while keeping them happy and positive.

Speaking of ads, Sentinels announced their new drink on Instagram with a video showing the players “making” it using what can only be described as a “highly scientific method”. The creative add aside, ADVANCED’s energy drink powder will come in a raspberry-lemonade flavor and be available through the Sentinels and ADVANCED internet stores. To go with the launch of the drink, both companies have also created merchandise to go with it in the form of shirts and shakers.

It should come as no surprise that Sentinels chose ADVANCED as their partner for this project as the US brand is already quite popular amongst gamers. It offers several product lines, which range from energy powders, like the new Hopium, to carbonated energy drinks, teas, vitamin gummies, and other supplements.

The collaboration comes at a somewhat interesting time for Sentinels as the organization explained that it needed several millions of dollars to stay afloat earlier this year. This prompted Sentinels to start a fundraising program, which was revealed to have gathered about $3.4 million as of October 2023.

Perhaps the launch of Hopium will further increase the organization’s income, stabilizing it and paving the way for the other collaboration products Sentinels and ADVANCED have promised to reveal in the future.

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