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Published: May 27, 2024

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • French organization Ketamine Corp has revealed a dedicated 3,000-seat esports venue
  • The arena has hosted numerous concerts and chess tournaments in the past
  • The first Ketamine Corps event to be held in it is scheduled for September

Ketamine Corp’s “Les Arènes” marks the first time in the West that an esports org has revealed its own dedicated esports arena.

Ketamine Corp Launches the Opens in September

Esports organizations come in a variety of sizes, from the smaller player-owned ones to massive franchises that field teams in numerous disciplines. Sometimes the latter type of orgs has enough capital and fans that they are able to create large venues for their following to enjoy. Ketamine Corp definitely fits into that category, as the brand recently announced a new 3,000-seat esports arena.

Aptly named Les Arènes, meaning “The Arenas” in French, the venue, which was originally opened in the 1970s, will now serve as the home base for Ketamine Corp. However, it also marks a more important occasion for esports as a whole. This is because the new arenas become the first dedicated arena for an esports team in the West.

The venue already has a rich history of events it has held, which include a variety of concerts, sports tournaments, and chess tournaments. Many notable celebrities, such as former world chess champion Garry Kasparov, have graced its stage.

What Will the Venue Offer?

In a recent video on the org’s official YouTube channel, Ketamine Corp’s founder, French streamer Kameto, and co-owner and COO Zouhaïr “Kotei” Darji went over what the venue will offer. According to them, Les Arènes will allow Karmine Corp to host a wide range of events, from official matches to viewing parties and special fan engagements.

The hope is that the arenas will be able to bridge the gap between the virtual world of streaming, and the real-life experience of esports. The flexibility of the arena, with adjustable seating and open spaces, will enable the organization to create diverse and dynamic events tailored to the franchise’s community.

Speaking of said community, a part of it has been going through some trouble recently. A couple of weeks ago, a Ketamine Corp fan club urged many to boycott LEC events due to alleged unfair treatment when the club was in a Riot venue in Germany. Such things should not happen once the KC arena opens to fans.

However, Ketamine Corp does not intend to host only esports-related events in its new venue. Instead, the org plans to include various concerts and cultural events, making it a multifaceted addition to the local scene. According to the interview, the club is also considering membership plans for fans. These would provide Ketamine Corps’ followers with regular access and reserved seating, further enhancing the community experience.

The first event at the new Karmine Corp arena is scheduled for September. Considering the org has ambitions to host regular events, akin to traditional sports schedules, the arena will become a hub for the Karmine Corp community. It will offer a consistent and accessible destination for esports enthusiasts and stand as the org’s testament to innovate and expand its reach.

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