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Published: June 11, 2024

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Gen.G is expanding its education infrastructure by opening a new building near its HQ
  • The facility will help young players train better in a new space

Gen.G furthers its prominence in education by creating a new building that will host training sessions for aspiring esports players.

Gen.G Reveals New Venue

As esports organizations get larger, they often need more spaces and facilities to train their various teams. Multinational esports organization Gen.G knows this very well and for this reason, it has invested in a new building located near the company’s headquarters in Seoul.

The new facility will be mainly used for the Gen.G Global Academy (GGA), the organization’s educational institution aimed at developing aspiring esports players. The organization said that it aims to create an offline experience of educating to help further develop new talents and professionals within the esports space.

“Our Academy facility is dedicated to helping the thousands of gamers globally in our program find their unique path to success at all levels of play,” said Arnold Hur, CEO of Gen.G about the occasion. “These new expanded facilities will be critical in growing our offerings, especially for both domestic and international students.“

Hur also noted the organization’s prominent role in placing great esports talent both professionally and at the university level. He also said that Gen.G has helped “students find an alternative path to success through our corporate training programs.”

The organization’s new facility will include lecture rooms, esports training centers, streaming rooms, scrimmage zones, and rest areas. Of course, these training facilities are equipped with the most high-end gaming PCs. The facilities boast ASUS gaming chairs and high-performing computers paired with keyboards from DrunkDeer and gaming mice from Pulsar. Last, but not least, Gen.G’s new venue is located on a main street with several additional facilities, making it convenient for students.

New Venue – a Continuation of the Org’s Education Investments

By opening its new building, the org continues its investment in education. In previous years, Gen.G has established the Gen.G Global Academy across Seoul, Los Angeles, and Shanghai. Simultaneously, the org has partnered with institutions such as the University of Kentucky to extend its reach in education. Furthermore, Gen.G recently acquired the League of Legends data analytics platform YOUR.GG. Data from it should help improve the training routines of the org’s players.

Since its founding in 2017, the organization has become one of the leading global esports organizations. It has fielded successful rosters in games like Rocket League, PUBG, PUBG Mobile, and NBA2k. Most recently, Gen.G’s players won both VCT Masters: Shanghai and the Mid-Season Invitational in VALORANT and League of Legends, respectively.

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