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Published: April 1, 2021

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • The Chinese police in Kunshan have busted one of the leading cheat sellers in the world
  • The police operation led to ten arrests and the seizing of more than $46 million in assets 
  • Chinese gaming giant Tencent gave the police a plaque of appreciation

With swift and decisive action, the Chinese police in Kunshan has toppled down a giant in the world of gaming cheats. The sums they found there were shocking. 

The Kunshan Police’s Successful Crackdown

The police in KunshanChina, led an operation against one of the biggest cheat providers in the world. The wrongdoers acted under the operation name “Chicken Drumstick.” 

The police action is a part of the continuous efforts to completely crack the said organization. Two of the main suspects were arrested in January, but now the police actions continue.

Chinese blogging website Weibo reports that the police found out several hubs of the outlaws in March. As an operation was carried out, over ten cheat resellers were taken into custody, and 17 sites, all providing cheats, were shut down. 

The Anti-Cheat Police Department tweeted that the captured cheat providers will be judged in accordance with the law.

A Look into the Cheat Provider’s Piled Treasures

As the cheat sellers’ endeavors didn’t already seem big enough, the Kunshan police found out that the cheaters had been earning more than $10,000 each day just by selling cheats worldwide. Their system was centered around continuous subscription. The tiers were as follows: $10 for a day, $50 for a week, and $200 for a month. Considering this, it is no surprise that when the police finally busted the cheat providers, they found out that they have earned as much as 760 million in their lifetime (5 billion RMB).

One of the captured wrongdoers’ ringleaders revealed that the operation used Bitcoin as a form of payment to avoid getting caught. Moreover, the police found out that he owned several cars worth millions and a huge house. 

Another involved person was in possession of $26 million. In total, the police seized assets worth $46 million.

The Aftermath and What’s to Come

The police were awarded for their precious efforts by none other than Tencent. Tencent, being the esports and gaming giant that they are, knows far too well how destructive cheating can be to gaming. As thanks to the peacekeepers’ big success in taking down the cheaters, they awarded the police with a plaque of appreciation.

The Kunshan police called the situation “the world’s biggest bust.” He pointed out three factors – the vast sums of money involved a large number of games and the numerous users. 

As much as cheating is frowned upon in gaming, there are still many people that use some form of it to gain an advantage over their opponents. Therefore there is sadly still a big demand for such products. 

The efforts to completely takedown “Chicken Drumstick” will continue as the cheat providers still have active members overseas. 

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