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Published: October 20, 2021

Written by: Silvia Pavlof

  • Kristine Stewart will join Rivalry’s board of directors, bringing her vast knowledge to the team
  • Stewart is looking forward to working with the other Rivalry members and distinguishing the company
  • Rivalry’s CEO, Steven Salz, welcomes Stewart on board as he believes her experience will be an important asset for Rivalry’s growth

Experienced specialist Kristine Stewart has been admitted to the board of directors of the betting operator Rivalry.

Kristine Joins Rivalry’s Board of Directors

Toronto-based sports and esports betting operator Rivalry has signed seasoned industry veteran Kristine Stewart to join its board of directors. Stewart’s experience will benefit Rivalry’s future plans for expansion.

Stewart’s experience stems from her time in various big companies. She has served as head of programming in some of the most recognized television channels such as National Geographic, Hallmark HGTV, and The Food Network. Stewart then moved to become the head of English language services at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and later vice-president of media at Twitter.

Outside of the current Rivalry position, Stewart also currently serves as the chief revenue officer for Pex.

Stewart is excited to join Rivalry’s board of directors. She likes the innovation and uniqueness that Rivalry drives and is excited to become a part of the team.

“I can’t wait to get to work collaborating with such a dynamic, well-informed, and motivated team,” Stewart said.

Rivalry Welcomes Stewart to the Team

Rivalry’s co-founder and chief executive, Steven Salz, acknowledge Stewart’s profound knowledge of the market and the benefits it can provide to the company.

“Kirstine’s background reads like the DNA of Rivalry. She has extensive experience in media, specifically at Twitter, which innovated what content and brands look like on the internet,” Salz said.

He is sure that Stewart will help Rivalry with its ambitious expansion plans. Her significant knowledge and category understanding will be a catalyst to the operator’s plans to provide the “safest and most engaging sports betting and sports media experience”.

Rivalry recently went public on the TSX Venture Exchange, after careful consideration and planning. Its shares currently go under the abbreviation RVLY. The operator has been enjoying steady growth in recent times. The betting operator acquired a grand total of $44 million in disclosed investments.

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