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Published: October 19, 2022

Written by: Isabella Aslam

  • The new all-female FIFA team will play a vital part in the Shesports Cup franchise
  • Shesports Cup co-founder said FIFA was chosen due to its accessibility
  • He is hopeful of discussing making more all-female tournaments with big gaming companies

In an effort to motivate more women to join professional esports, the ICE Esports Arena will showcase an all-female FIFA team.

ICE Introduces All-Female FIFA Team

Despite the huge growth in popularity esports have seen over the past few years, women on the professional scene are still seldomly seen. However, many organizations are fielding more and more all-female teams in some disciplines, and ICE London is just the latest one to do so. 

The organization will showcase some of the world’s best female FIFA players who will compete in the ICE Esports Arena as part of the Shesports Cup franchise. “We are delighted to be invited to be part of the ICE exhibition in February and play in front of such an international audience of industry decision-makers,” Shesports Cup co-founder George Woffenden said. “ICE will be our fifth live broadcast and it’s all geared up to be a really exciting few days of competition.”

The Significance of This New Team 

“The aim remains to inspire more female players but also create opportunities for women working in production, photography, and social media by bringing tournaments to the world,” Woffenden said. He explained that the Shesports Cup is an important part of providing opportunities for women to participate in esports. Woffenden also noted that the choice of FIFA makes sense as it is accessible to those who may not be regular esports followers. “

FIFA is the most accessible game and it also has the most current female professionals and aspiring professionals,” he said. “EA Sports recognized our vision and helped ensure tournaments are structured and broadcast to the best possible standards. We also enjoy a great relationship with Twitch which help us to host and celebrate our broadcasts on their channels.”

The Shesports Cup co-founder also noted the importance of women working behind the scenes of esports. He noted that the Cup’s co-founder Rachel Stringer had been working in FIFA esports for a number of years. “From very early on was aware of the lack of women so decided to do something positive by creating a women’s-only esports series,” Woffenden said. 

Woffenden added that he is very optimistic about the new all-female team and he noted that he will be happy to talk with Activision, Fortnite, Ubisoft, League of Legends, and others to run similar all-female tournaments.

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