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Published: May 11, 2021

Written by: Edward Pearcey

  • The Global Esports Federation is launching a new esports event to take place in December starting this year
  • The three announced venues are Singapore 2021, Istanbul 2022, and Riyadh 2023 
  • GEF wants to create an event where the world’s esports elite can shine 

More esports events are coming to Singapore, Istanbul, and Riyadh as part of the Global Esports Federation (GEF)’s newest competitive video gaming initiative.

Global Esports Games to Debut in Singapore in December 

The Global Esports Federation Board has revealed the first three host cities for its upcoming gaming event series – Global Esports Games – with Singapore playing host to the event in 2021, followed by Istanbul in 2022 and Riyadh in 2023. 

The event will be held in December, and it will celebrate competitive video gaming, music, and entertainment with many esports titles listed as competitive options during the pow-wow. Already expected a success, GEF is looking to establish the festival over the next three years.

Global Esports Federation president Chris Chan argued that the idea behind the festival was welcomed with “overwhelming interest,” and the organization has been carefully selecting future participants so as to provide the global esports elite with a place to shine.

Singapore Esports Association (SGEA) president Ng Chong Geng welcomes the opportunity to be hosting the event this year. “The first Global Esports Games to be held in December this year will provide the opportunity to showcase esports to the world,” Geng added. 

Unleashing Host Cities Potential 

Global Esports Games Co-chairs for the Coordination Commission Angela Ruggiero and Luzeng Song have argued that the success of the event will depend on which cities are shortlisted and chosen as hosts over the next years. 

“We will lend our support and guidance so the host cities can unleash their full potential,” Ruggiero added. In the meantime, GEF CEO Paul J. Foster said that the key idea behind the upcoming event is to create a global scene where the best and brightest esports players and organization can demonstrate their skills, similar to other top-tier competitions available out there.

The upcoming GEF event is not the only new competition on the radar. Late on Monday, Technoblood revealed that it’s bringing back a new esports competition targeting national players and teams through the World eSports League (WSL)

Turkey and Saudi Arabia are particularly interesting choices of a country as both regions have a rich local esports ecosystem that can benefit from more attention and a global scene on which it can unfold its full potential. 

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