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Published: July 1, 2021

Written by: Barney

  • GameSquare is acquiring Complexity Gaming in a $27 million deal
  • Complexity’s CEO will become head of esports of GameSquare
  • GameSquare’s CEO believes in the value of Complexity and their relationship with the Dallas Cowboys

GameSquare has acquired Complexity Gaming in yet another big deal in esports. By their powers combined, the two parties will be stronger than ever. 

Complexity Joins the GameSquare Family

Canada-based international gaming and esports company GameSquare revealed that it had struck an acquisition deal with the esports organization Complexity Gaming. The deal did disclose its monetary aspect – Complexity Gaming was paid $27 million exclusively in stocks to become a part of the bigger GameSquare family. 

Complexity Gaming will now join the likes of Code Red Esports and Gaming Community Network, which are already owned by GameSquare. 

The international gaming company will let Jason Lake retain his post as a chief executive officer of Complexity Gaming, and the organization will continue working from its headquarters in Texas. Moreover, Lake will be given the title of head of esports at GameSquare. 

Lake spoke on the matter of acquisition. He believes that his organization is one of the most renowned esports brands and that GameSquare’s help will drive it even further. The CEO is positive that Complexity Gaming is entering a “new phase of growth.”

“We’re fully committed to building on our player-first mentality and winning more championships for our fans while expanding our brand internationally.”

Functioning as a singular body, the two parties will look for a mutually beneficial expansion on the global competitive gaming market. Complexity will now be further armed with GameSquare’s established environment as a means to grow. The former of the two will increase its investments in esports, content creation, and other gaming events. 

Aiming Further Together

GameSquare’s CEO Justin Kenna spoke on the acquisition. He is content to have his company joined by such a renowned esports organization and considers it a “natural fit.”

“They are a powerhouse combination of winning teams, world-class facilities, and professional management, and the value of the relationships with the Dallas Cowboys, the Jones family, and the Goff family cannot be understated.”

Kenna believes that complexity has laid down strong foundations that will facilitate further growth. 

“We see huge potential to monetize the incredible content that Complexity creates every year and numerous opportunities to create merchandise that allow fans to show their loyalty to one of America’s greatest esports teams.”

As a part of the ownership group, Complexity Gaming will become an integral part of GameSquare’s shareholders. Additionally, GameSquare will become a partner of the Dallas Cowboys for the next several years. 

Dallas Cowboys’ CEO Tom Walker and Goff Capital’s president Travis Goff will become members of GameSquare’s board of directors while the owner of Dallas Cowboys team Jerry Jones and John Goff will head GameSquare’s raise of $14 million. 

Jones spoke on the matter of esports and how much the industry has grown. He is sure that a partnership with GameSquare will be valuable to the Dallas Cowboys. 

“We’re investing in Justin’s experience in esports, his financial background, and the bench strength of the team he leads to build GameSquare into the most successful esports organization in the world,” Jones said.

Complexity Gaming will be a strong asset for GameSquare. The latter, like many other esports powerhouses, has been focused on expanding and capitalizing on esports’ current boom. 

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