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Published: February 7, 2024

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • The tournament series is being hosted for the second year in a row
  • Comcast-owned internet service provider Xfinity was named the main partner for the series
  • FaZe hopes that this will open big financial opportunities for the organization

Each week $25 000 will be up for grabs for winners of the FaZe Fridays tournaments that the organization is once again hosting this year.

FaZe Announces New Series

When it comes to famous esports organizations, few can even reach the popularity of FaZe Clan. The North American organization founded way back in 2010, has grown immensely over the years and currently fields teams in multiple esports titles and also supports streamers and other content creators.

FaZe’s influence on esports and gaming as a whole is large and the franchise plans to expand its outreach by upgrading its weekly gaming tournament series “FaZe Fridays”. The tournament series, which includes titles such as Call of Duty and Fortnite, will offer an increased prize pool of $1 million. This means that there will be $25 000 up for grabs by players, streamers, and content creators, selected to participate in the events.

To help with this endeavor, FaZed Clan has partnered with Comcast-owned internet service provider Xfinity. The collaboration between the two spans back to last year when Xfinity was also a sponsor for the initial FaZe Fridays events of 2023. Those tournaments managed to accumulate a combined total of more than 82 million minutes watched and garnered more than 20 million social media impressions. This year’s series will also see game highlights be shared through FaZe’s media channels and giveaways will also be held throughout.

What This Means for FaZe and Xfinity

For well over a decade, the franchise has been growing and expanding further into different games and media. However, last year was financially rather unstable for the organization as FaZe reported a net loss of over $14 million for the second quarter of 2023.

Perhaps for this reason the organization does not hide the fact that the expanded FaZe Fridays series is expected to unlock a multi-million-dollar revenue opportunity. This comes a few months after esports and entertainment company GameSquare announced that it would acquire FaZe Clan.

Meanwhile, Xfinity will have the opportunity to spotlight its service through the tournament series, said Mark Cruz, Senior Director of Brand Partnerships for Comcast, Xfinity’s parent company. “We’re thrilled for our brand and product to have this visibility and drive authentic conversation amongst one of the most difficult to reach, but most engaged audiences. We’re excited to build off the success of the first series of tournaments and supporting more FaZe Fridays in the future,” Cruz further explained.

Time will tell if the expanded FaZe Fridays will give the organization the much-needed boost it needs right now.

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