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Published: April 29, 2021

Written by: Kyamil Nasuf

  • The Esports Certification Institute has heard the esports community’s concerns
  • The organization decided to retract its idea of exam and issue refunds
  • ECI will rethink how to tackle its goal of limiting nepotism in the esports industry

After a community backlash, the Esports Certification Institute has decided to listen to the feedback and rethink its methods of how to deal with favoritism in esports.

The ECI Responds to the Critique

The Esports Certification Institute called off its idea of an esports certificate exam and started issuing refunds following community backlash. This was announced on the organization’s official Twitter page.

The ECI recently introduced the idea of a universal certificate that will prove a person’s knowledge of the field with the goal of tackling all forms of favoritism in esports. However the idea wasn’t very popular among esports enthusiasts, to say the least. Some people were suspicious at the $400 price tag and others accused the organization of trying to establish itself as a gatekeeper of the esports world.

In response, the humbled ECI has decided to adhere to the negative feedback and rethink its ideas. For now it will put the exam idea on hold and will refund all who have paid for it or for the organization’s study guide. The organization thanked everyone who was a willing to lead a productive dialogue with them.

“We have plenty to fix and much to iterate through,” the ECI admitted.

ECI’s Goals Remain the Same

The ECI has not given up its original idea. In a response tweet, the organization added that it will continue its goal of tacking esports hiring issues although it will look for other methods that don’t harm the community.

 “We’re going to rethink how we want to solve the problem of nepotism and bad hiring in esports” the ECI said in a response tweet.

It is good to see that the organization is willing to lead a dialogue with the community and will be hearing the feedback. Its end goal is noble and with the right approach, it may truly benefit esports as a whole. It will be curious to see how the situation unfolds and what alternatives the Esports Certification Institute will adopt in the future.

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