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Published: July 8, 2021

Written by: Barney

  • The Esports Player Foundation has chosen Fabian Broich to take the position of head of sports
  • He has previously worked in a similar position where he was responsible for players’ wellbeing 
  • Broich’s experience will help EPF maintain their players’ physical fitness

Fabian Broich will be joining the Esports Players Foundation ahead of sports and will be helping to promote a healthier lifestyle to esports enthusiasts. 

Brioch Joins the EPF

The non-profit talent development and elite support organization in esports, Esports Player Foundation, has elected Fabian Broich as head of sports. In this position, Broich will work to teach and promote a healthier lifestyle to esports athletes.

As a new head of sports, Brioch will help the Esports Player Foundation to organize and operate all kinds of activities that serve to inspire people to be physically active. 

The Esports Player Foundation is focused on providing its players with the best quality training programs and making it even more worthwhile by handing down scholarships. As a part of the foundation’s goals to promote a better lifestyle, it offers programs in physical and mental fitness, as well as nutrition and lifestyle.

Together for a More Physically-Active Future

Brioch has worked in Football Club Schalke 04 as a supporter of its esports teams. He is currently EXCEL Esports’ head of performance and will be balancing out between head of performance at EXCEL and head of sports at the EPF at the same time. Brioch shared that he is excited about it and will gladly work as EPF’s head of sports. He is happy to put his experience to work for the greater cause of teaching gamers to live healthily. 

The newly-appointed head of sports explained that he shares the same vision as the EPF – to create a role model for young talents to follow. He added that these concerns players from both genders who want to pursue a career in esports. 

Many people and organizations have realized the importance of physical and mental health, even in non-physical activities like esports. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, esports may have skyrocketed in popularity, but physical activities were on the decline. And while this may have been a must during the quarantine, it is a slow time for people to return to a healthier lifestyle. 

The Esports Players Foundation’s goal is noble and will surely benefit its players. Together with Brioch’s experience, the foundation will be able to once again raise awareness for the need for sports and that participating in it is in players’ best interest. 

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