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Published: June 17, 2021

Written by: Hannah

  • Esports Technologies forms a partnership with sports trading exchange American SportZ Exchange (ASX)
  • The company will bring advanced esports solutions to help bolster ASX’s overall technological and esports offer 
  • Consumers will be able to bet on the value of esports organizations and players 

American SportZ Exchange (ASX) hopes to reach over 90 million American customers backed by Esports Technologies’ new esports data solutions. 

Trading on the Value of Esports Players and Teams 

Esports Technologies, a global leader in esports betting solutions, has revealed a letter of intent to form a strategic alliance with the American SportZ Exchange (ASX). ASX is a virtual sports trading exchange owned by Paddy Power. Esports Technologies will deliver the company’s pre-play and in-play data feed in further supporting the exchange in creating more esports-focused products.

ASX arrived on the market in May 2021, enabling customers to buy and sell virtual shares in esports teams and players. The solution is fed live data feeds through powerful AI algorithms, which make decisions about what an esports entity or player is worth at any given time. 

According to the press release, Esports Technologies and ASX may reach over 90 million American users. Esports Technologies will be powering the platform through real-time data and statistics as well as live engagement and peer-to-peer predictions for esports betting. 

Helping Build Esports Innovation 

Commenting on this opportunity, Esports Technologies COO Bart Barden added that the company was looking forward to joining efforts with ASX, touting its vibrancy as a sports trading exchange. 

“Esports Technologies’ advanced data and platform solutions are being tapped by leaders throughout the industry to help drive esports product innovation,” Barden added. ASX president and co-founder Paddy Power spared Esports Technologies no praise either.

The company’s data analytics, he argued, are superior to anything else on the market. Thanks to Esports Technologies products, users can benefit from well-informed decisions that empower each of their trades. 

“The Esports Technologies leadership team is a trailblazer in the rapidly emerging esports domain. It’s a thrilling time to see how we might collaborate to mutually beneficial effect over the coming months and years,” he concluded. 

Previously, Esports Technologies teamed up with British sportsbook Colossus Bets in a bid to ensure that the latter would benefit from advanced and consumer-focused esports solutions.  

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