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Published: May 21, 2021

Written by: Edward Pearcey

  • Esports Technologies will be able to tap into Colossus Bets’ cash-out and various technologies to empower its own esports betting solutions
  • Bart Barden, Esports Technologies COO, is confident that this alliance will help his company deliver a “best-in-class” experience
  • Colossus welcomes the opportunity to seek deeper ties with one of the most innovative forms of content that is esports 

Esports Technologies is tapping into the patent technology of British sportsbook Colossus Bets to ensure a best-in-class esports betting experience. 

A New Patent License Agreement Empowers Esports Technologies

Competitive gaming wagering platform Esports Technologies has teamed up with British sportsbook Colossus Bets in the latest move that positions the company’s bespoke esports betting product in a global context and focuses on the growing demand for various aspects of the gambling experience. 

Essentially, the partnership allows Esports Technologies to benefit from the sportsbook’s patent portfolio and leverage Colossus Bets bespoke technology and content solutions. Commenting on these events, Esports Technologies COO Bart Barden argued that the partnership is an important step towards achieving pivotal milestones in the industry.

The alliance, Barden explained, presages the arrival of “industry-leading cash-out technology, both in free-to-play and real-money formats in one platform. All of this together will help create a best-in-class esports experience allowing the industry to grow, the executives argue. 

Thanks to this partnership, Esports Technologies has the opportunity to boost all of its assets across the board, including customization, IP protection, and a well-rounded offer that includes data, technology, and particularly in the B2B segment. 

Creating a Bespoke Esports Betting Experience 

“We look forward to our continuing alliance with Colossus to provide our customers with the best possible experiences on our platforms,” Barden added. The news comes shortly after Gogawi’s launch in the Asia-Pacific region with launches in Japan and other markets and following a growing number of esports betting titles on the dedicated betting platform.

Colossus Bets COO Eva Karagianni-Goel stated that the company was excited to be joining Esports Technologies in exploring new opportunities to unlock esports audiences. According to her, Colossus is keen to combine its own expertise with one of the most forward-looking content areas, esports. 

“By marrying our two technologies, we believe we are able to create truly best-in-class experiences for bettors, and we look forward to our continued alliance,” Karagianni-Goel concluded. Esports Technologies successfully listed on NASDAQ earlier this year and is trading at $22.53 per share at the time of reporting.

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