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Published: June 30, 2021

Written by: Barney

  • Esports Fashion Group teams up with Ford Models to work on bringing fashion to esports
  • Both companies believe that esports, gaming, and fashion are a natural fit 
  • Esports Fashion Week scheduled for Q3 2021 is a pilot event for the fashion world in gaming and esports

As Esports Fashion Week’s date nears, Esports Fashion Group has teamed up with Ford Models to create new conversations and engagement. 

Ford Models to Help Build Esports’ Image in Fashion

Esports Fashion Group has signed up Ford Models, a legacy fashion agency, for the upcoming Esports Fashion Week, a first-of-its-kind event that will focus on designer clothes for gamers. Slated for the fall, Ford Models will be working on dedicated content to celebrate the partnership as part of the company’s recently-launched and dedicated esports and gaming division.

The partnership signals a growing inters in creating events that advertise and promote the gaming lifestyle on every level of popular culture, including fashion. Esports Fashion Group arrived in April 2021, created by Owen Fish, Alex Bienert, Warren Fish, and Ali Rezvan, four esports industry insiders looking to create a value-added product.

They are not off the mark, as many teams have been releasing dedicated apparel brands. 100 Thieves is perhaps one of the most prominent examples when it comes to merchandise, including clothing lines. 

Luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton have also produced a limited-series clothing line for League of Legends. Demand for gaming fashion and culture has soared, and Esports Fashion Group has arrived at the right time, with a lot of sustained interest in merchandise and clothing.

Gaming and Esports Play Bigger Role in Fashion 

Esports Fashion Group founder & VP of Strategy and Operations Owen Fish welcomed the alliance with Ford Models, arguing that the partnership would allow the companies to bridge the worlds of esports and fashion in an organic and natural way.

“Through Ford’s legacy within the industry and their international team with years of experience in both talent management and the wider fashion industry – this partnership will incite more cross-sector collaborations and provide grounds to grow the foundation of esports fashion,” Fish added.

Commenting on the partnership, Ford Models Manager for the Esports and Gaming Talent Division Justin M. Jacobson argued that the company’s expertise in the fashion world would be a perfect fit for Esports Fashion Week. He assured that innovative content is forthcoming, and the focus was now on the intersection of esports, gaming, and fashion. 

Esports Fashion Week’s list of participants has been growing, too. Earlier in June, We Are Nations confirmed that they would be joining. 

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