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Published: February 17, 2022

Written by: Stoyan Todorov

  • Epic Games has revealed that its platform has surpassed 500 million registered accounts
  • This is an important milestone as Epic Games continues its efforts to make the Epic Games Store a viable alternative to Steam
  • Epic vowed to continue giving away free games to attract new customers to its platform

Epic Games’ hard work is paying off as the company boasted of having more than 500 million registered accounts.

More than 500M Epic Games Accounts Have Been Registered

Yesterday, Epic Games announced that over 500 million people have registered to its platform. Not only is this an impressive number of accounts but it is also an important milestone for the ambitious company.

Epic Games didn’t provide deep insight on how those numbers are distributed so it isn’t known how many of those 500 million people play Epic Games’ proprietary titles and how many actually use the Epic Games Store as an alternative to Stream.

Regardless, the achievement is still impressive and is a crucial step for the company as it continues to try to overtake its Valve-owned competitor.

Epic Games Spares No Money in Efforts to Overtake Steam

The last few years have seen Epic Games work hard to establish its store as a viable gaming library. Despite being the company behind Fortnite, one of the most popular competitive titles ever, Epic is yet to achieve a substantial level of success with its store.

During the company’s lawsuit against Apple, it became clear that the Epic Games Store is yet to turn in enough profit to make it sustainable. The company first opened the store in 2018, which, according to the released documents, cost Epic Games a whopping $359 million.

The Epic Games Store expenses don’t end there. The company has spared no money in various tempting promotions trying to attract new customers to its platform. Epic Games has been offering its users tons of free games, including AAA titles, which cost the company $330 million just for 2020.

 Luckily for gamers, Epic Games’ generosity will carry on into 2022 as the company has promised to continue with the giveaways. That means as many as 500 million gamers will have the chance to try some of the best games out there for free.

Epic has also paid for various IPs to include some of the most popular mass media characters in Fortnite. Fans have seen various superheroes, anime characters, and even professional movie actors and sports players make their way into the game.  

Epic Games is bullish on affirming itself on the gaming market no matter how much money it takes. The company’s costly gambit seems to be paying off as 500 million accounts is no small feat.

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