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Published: March 31, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • One of the biggest gaming events in history has been canceled this year
  • E3 was supposed to return live for the first time since 2019
  • Many gaming companies had already opted out of the event before the announcement

Due to an apparent lack of interest from both the public and gaming studios, Electronic Entertainment Expo 2023 has been canceled.

E3 2023 Is Canceled

Ever since its first iteration in May of 1995, Electronic Entertainment Expo, more commonly known as E3, has been the go-to event to showcase the newest and best of the video game world. For almost a quarter of a decade, this was one of the biggest gaming conventions and hosted the announcements of some of the most popular video game titles ever.

However, due to the Covid-19 restrictions over the past few years, the event could not be held, with the last E3 event taking place live in 2019. The event was supposed to return in 2023, but just a few hours ago, the official E3 Twitter page announced that the event is canceled this year.

“This was a difficult decision because of all the effort we and our partners put toward making this event happen, but we had to do what’s right for the industry and what’s right for E3,” Reedpop’s (one of the organizers of E3) Kyle Marsden-Kish said in a joint statement with the ESA. “For those who did commit to E3 2023, we’re sorry we can’t put on the showcase you deserve and that you’ve come to expect from ReedPop’s event experiences.”

How Is E3’s Cancelation Being Received?

E3’s cancelation came as somewhat of a surprise to many, considering the event has been a staple of the gaming sphere since the mid-90s. This is especially strange considering E3 announced it would be collaborating with other companies just a couple of weeks ago. In the past, E3 had been open to industry professionals and the public alike, boasting over 66 000 attendants in its last live event in 2019. 

However, it seems that several factors, all pointing to a lack of interest on part of both large gaming companies and members of the public. Some of the biggest names, that announced they will not be attending E3 and hosting their own digital conferences instead, include Xbox, Nintendo, PlayStation, and Ubisoft. 

Popular streamer and YouTuber penguinz0 commented on the situation. He said that E3 explained their reasoning for the cancellation is due to a lack of interest from attendants. The content creator said that it’s strange to see such a staple of the gaming world go away, but explained that E3’s cancelation would not have a huge negative impact on the community. Considering most big gaming companies already host their own events for game reveals, E3’s purpose is seen as redundant, penguinz0 explained. 

Although E3 hasn’t said anything about returning in 2024, it seems that’s highly unlikely, considering where the current trends are going.

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