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Published: December 21, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Patch 7.35 introduced three new items to Dota 2, as well as changed some others
  • However, the dev team has seemingly not balanced them properly
  • This has led to some severe changes in the meta and fans and pros are noticing

Dota 2 streamer Arteezy talked about how the latest patch changed items and said some are in desperate need of being rebalanced.

New Items Are “Broken”

Dota 2 is a game that relies a lot on the proper balancing of the many items that are at the disposal of players. However, keeping them all properly balanced is not an easy feat and sometimes the dev team can make mistakes. This is especially true when new items are being brought to the already quite varied collection.

Patch 7.35 saw the release of three new items in Khanda, Parasma, and Tiara of Selemene along with many other changes. It appears, however, that they might be a bit too overpowered and will need a fix very soon. At least this is what prominent Dota 2 streamer and personality Artour “Arteezy” Babaev seems to think.

In a recent stream on Kick, the 27-year-old player raised concerns over the release of broken items in the game, pointing out the lack of tuning of these items. According to him, the items, as they are currently, make games very chaotic and not fun.

“The thing I don’t understand, though, like these new items that come out, I don’t feel like they’re balanced at all. Like not even like 1% balanced. So I don’t understand what the point of releasing them is,” Arteezy said. “Anyway, you can argue for the interest of fun. But is it fun if you lose to it and win to it and see it every single game?”

The player argued that even winning games using the new strategies isn’t fun as it is too easy. “I’m not having fun I’m winning every game. I buy Solar [Crest]. I’m not having fun,” he said, referring to the item. It requires no mana to use and applies 7 armor, 70 attack speed, 15% movement speed, and a 400 physical damage barrier when cast on an ally. The effects it casts on the user are the same, except for the 7 armor, meaning it’s quite a powerful item, no matter how it’s used.

Although fans have been concerned over Arteezy doing more gambling streams on Kick recently, many agreed with him about the new changes. Patch 7.35’s items certainly changed the meta as well with the Khanda providing one of the best new strategies. It is an item that does a flat 100 damage + 75% attack damage and it procs when the user casts a single targeted spell. This means that heroes with a single-point target spell become quite powerful.

With the community continually expressing concerns about the new meta, Valve is likely to take notice and balance the items. However, it’s unknown when this will happen, so for the time being, players must contend with the fact that sometimes their games will be broken.

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