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Published: February 24, 2022

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Popular esports betting platform DJ Esports is rebranding under a new name
  • The operator says this is to be more visible on the wagering market
  • Some say the name change is linked to DJ Esports’ scandals of sketchy procedures and plagiarism

In an attempt to reflect its purpose more accurately, the esports betting platform DJ Esports is fully rebranding to

DJ Esports Will Have a New Name

The past two years have proven to be surprisingly positive for esports. As conventional sports were often not played due to the pandemic, many people south entertainment elsewhere, finding it in esports. As the field saw an increase in popularity, so did esports betting grew significantly.

Coming up in the middle of the pandemic, DJ Esports launched in 2021 and provided customers with a platform, where they can wager using cryptocurrencies. Following its fast growth, the platform has now decided to rebrand itself to, in an attempt to more accurately reflect its purpose. has already acquired a new license and plans to introduce a revamped website design in March. DJ Esports users will be able to log into using their existing DJ Esports account. Their balances will be updated so they can continue participating in the World Prediction Series, using the free-to-play DJT.

The rebranded esports betting operator will be partnering with GamerStake (GMS) to accompany their upcoming ICO, in which these GMS tokens will have utility as part of a new DAO initiative that will be rolling out later in 2022. Current DJ Esports users will be eligible to purchase GMS before anyone else at an initial offering price of 1 USDT.

DJ Esports Is under Criticism for Its Procedures and Plagiarism

Although is likely aiming to reach the top esports wagering platforms with their new overall marketing strategy, there is perhaps a darker side to the decision. The platform has before been accused of having bad procedures and plagiarism.

A user by the name of Rhys has made videos explaining DJ Esports closed his account in October 2021, with around 1.1 to 1.2btc left in his balance. He claims the platform has offered to pay him 20% of the total remaining balance. On the other hand, the platform says that Rhys was breaking rules and abusing tier 2 and 3 matches.

“We have decided that you have been heavily exploiting tier 2 and 3 matches to turn a profit and then using these profits to play tier 1 matches,” says an email sent to Rhys by the operator. “You were clearly exploiting knowledge about specific matches in tier 2 events. This is not allowed under our guidelines. As a result, your account has been banned.”

Rhys responded by saying his bets were legitimate and that he has done nothing wrong.

In more recent times, has been accused of plagiarizing articles from the InvenGlobal website without the publisher’s permission. Some other articles seem to be taken from HLTV, GosuGamers, and Sportskeeda. Most of these articles, posted in the last four months, do not contain any links to the source. InvenGlobal’s editor-in-chief Radoslav Kolev said that InvenGlobal does not have a partnership with

Whether or not DJ Esports is changing its name to purely for better brand recognition, or if there is some other nefarious reason or attempt for the operator to distance itself from these scandals remains unclear.

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