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Published: December 22, 2023

Written by: Stoyan Todorov

  • GE announced a one-year extension of its partnership with fast-food chain Subway
  • Subway’s branding will feature on the shirts of Guild’s various rosters
  • GE’s CEO said this deal is a “testament to Guild’s longevity as an esports organization”

Fast-food chain Subway is strengthening its involvement in global esports by extending its collaboration with the UK-based organization Guild Esports.

Partnership Extension Announced

The stereotype that gamers like to eat a lot of sandwiches has been a thing for decades and it looks like it won’t be gone for quite a while. But then again, most of us have probably had long gaming sessions and we’ve had some sort of snack next to us so we don’t have to get up from our PC or console.

Perhaps leaning on that, international fast food chain Subway has announced a one-year extension of its partnership with UK-based esports organization Guild Esports. The deal will see Subway’s branding featured on the shirts of Guild’s various professional and academy rosters across all the games Guild Esports fields teams in. Considering GE is involved in sim racing, Fortnite, EA FC, Street Fighter, and both men’s and women’s competitive CS2, Fans of the org will be seeing the logo quite a lot.

The collaboration between the two parties goes back a couple of years to 2021 when a “multi-million-pound deal” was announced between the two sides. With this, Subway became one of the most important partners and sponsors of Guild Esports, an organization that already has backing from other big names, such as footballer David Beckham.

During the time of the initial sponsorship deal, Subway took a rather active role aside from being purely just a sponsor. This became most evident late last year thanks to the Subway Future Talent Series, a grassroots esports initiative aimed to help underprivileged gamers in the UK.

With the recent extension of the partnership, Subway secures a deal with yet another large esports organization. Some of the other collaborations the fast-food chain has are with the likes of Berlin International Gaming and 100 Thieves. The monetary information about the deal between Subway and Guild Esports is undisclosed currently, but it is certain that the collaboration will last for at least one year.

“To be partnered with such an iconic brand with Subway’s level of global reach is a testament to Guild’s longevity as an esports organization,” said Jasmine Skee, CEO of Guild Esports, about the collaboration. “And as we step into 2024 in multiple new esports titles including CS2 and Street Fighter 6, we’re overjoyed that Subway have shown such trust and support of our vision as an industry disruptor in the esports space.”

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