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Published: December 6, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • The Polish player extends his contract with the European organization heading into 2024
  • He first joined MOUZ in 2021 as part of the org’s junior team
  • His re-signing comes shortly after MOUZ lost superstar David “⁠frozen⁠” Čerňanský to FaZe

After helping the team go through several important CS2 events in 2023, Kamil “⁠siuhy⁠” Szkaradek has decided to extend his contract with MOUZ.

Siuhy Extends Contract

Over the last couple of years, Kamil “⁠siuhy⁠” Szkaradek has proven himself to be one of the most crucial players for MOUZ’s various achievements in competitive Counter-Strike. This is why it should perhaps come as no surprise that the organization wants to keep the 21-year-old on the team and is doing so by re-signing him with a multi-year, long-term deal.

Having first joined MOUZ in 2021 as part of the organization’s junior team, siuhy went on to quickly make a name for himself. He won the first four seasons of WePlay Academy League alongside fellow young players Ádám “⁠torzsi⁠” Torzsás, Dorian “⁠xertioN⁠” Berman, Jimi “⁠Jimpphat⁠” Salo, and Dennis “⁠sycrone⁠” Nielsen.

This was enough for him to be recognized by other organizations, resulting in the player being acquired by GamerLegion, with whom he had a breathtaking run at the BLAST Paris Major this spring. GamerLegion faced Vitality in one of the most-viewed matches in CS history and although they lost, the organization, and by extension siuhy, still proved themselves in this highly-regarded tournament.

Soon after that, the Polish player came back to MOUZ, this time in its main roster, and helped the team remain steady at the start of CS2. MOUZ made it to the semi-finals of IEM Sydney and followed that up with a runners-up finish at CS Asia Championships.

Siuhy’s contract renewal comes at a crucial time for the organization. MOUZ recently lost superstar David “⁠frozen⁠” Čerňanský who joined FaZe’s CS2 team in a transfer that cost an undisclosed amount of money. This left a gap in MOUZ’s roster, which has to be filled before the team’s participation in the PGL Copenhagen Major at the start of 2024.

Despite losing a key player, siuhy still thinks that MOUZ has very capable talent in its roster and he is happy to have renewed his contract. “I’ve known these guys for a long time now and we get along really well, we are able to balance work life with enjoying our time together outside of the server,” he said in a statement on MOUZ’s website.

“I’ve always preached that chemistry and atmosphere are important to me and that is exactly what I can find here. Also, working with MOUZ and everyone that is working with us is just very enjoyable, it’s like a family.”

Siuhy’s first match after he re-signed with MOUZ will be against G2 at the BLAST Premier World Final 2023 which starts on December 13.

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