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Published: January 11, 2024

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Bleed Esports’ coach, kassad, shared an interesting video allegedly showing a team cheating
  • This is just one case of several that have been reported during the open qualifiers
  • Fans and pro players have criticized the event’s hosts for the somewhat lackluster organization

PGL CS2 Copenhagen Major’s ongoing open qualifiers have been rife with cheaters, according to a lot of pros and viewers.

Kassad Shares Video of Alleged Cheating

The PGL CS2 Copenhagen Major is the first such event since Counter-Strike 2 was released in September of last year. It will be held in March in the Danish capital, so open qualifiers for the tournament have already begun. Unfortunately, they have not started without hiccups, as there have been numerous reports of teams cheating, resulting in several bans as well.

One particularly interesting case was shared earlier today by Bleed Esports’ coach, kassad. He took to Twitter to show a clip of a CS2 team allegedly cheating in one of their games during the qualifiers. It shows the squad playing defending A on Mirage and seemingly knowing every step the opposition is making.

The defenders all stacked at A site after the terrorists started making their way through ramp. They spammed the area with grenades and smoke, as it is usually done, but when the opponents backed away, the CTs stepped through the smoke and quickly took a frag. Considering doing so is considered a foolish move in all circumstances and the advancing CT seemingly knowing exactly where the enemy was, kassad claimed the team was cheating. The allegedly cheating team, however, made it to the third round of the open qualifiers, prompting kassad to snap at the organizers.

There Are More Reports of Cheating and Fans Aren’t Happy

Unfortunately, the case shared by kassad is not the only time players have been allegedly caught cheating. Yesterday, a team by the name of Lazer Cats claimed on Twitter their former opponents in the open qualifier were banned for “playing unfairly,” which gave them a second chance. A day before that, content creator Ozzny posted a video of the team Never More allegedly cheating against Movistar KOI.

The PGL CS2 Copenhagen Major was announced in the spring of last year, but it seems the months since then have not been enough time for the organizers to build a better anti-cheat system. Of course, this has not gone down well with fans and players, many of whom have said the open qualifiers are a logistical disaster. Even Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyljev, one of the most popular Couter-Strike players called out the organizers Challengermode, telling them they should “hire more admins or borrow them from other platforms.”`

Despite all the problems, the open qualifiers are still going as scheduled and have already produced some of the participants for the closed qualifiers. At that event, the squads will go up against one another to fight for a spot in their local RMRs. Considering this upcoming event will take place in an offline environment, there should not be such cheating problems.

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