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Published: December 1, 2021

Written by: David Kent

  • Complexity Gaming has announced the Complexity Stars division
  • It will feature various professional traditional sports athletes in video game activations
  • The initiative aims to bridge the gap between sports and esports and allow fans to come together

Complexity Gaming’s new gaming division, Complexity Stars, will feature some renowned names in traditional sports.

Complexity’s Most Ambitious Project

Complexity Gaming, one of the longest-standing esports organizations in America, has unveiled a new gaming division that features several big names in traditional sports. The initiative’s goal is to establish robust partnerships with various elite sports players and celebrities who seek to expand their brands and benefit from the growing popularity of esports and professional gaming.

Described as the organization’s “most ambitious project yet”, the new division, called Complexity Stars, will feature a strong lineup of elite athletes from various sports, including professional football (American), basketball, baseball and mixed martial arts.

The lineup is listed below:

  • Alisha Gray – a professional player for the WNBA and an Olympic gold medalist
  • Earl Joseph “J. R.” Smith III – a former star of the NBA
  • Edwin Rios – an elite baseball infielder for the Los Angeles Dodgers
  • Leonard Fournette – an NFL player for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  • Max Holloway – a featherweight UFC fighter
  • Megan Anderson – a former featherweight UFC fighter
  • Sean O’Malley – a bantamweight UFC fighter
  • Ronnie Stanely – an NFL player for the Baltimore Ravens

The aforementioned athletes will not only promote Complexity’s brand but will have a chance to connect with their fans and engage them in a new way, through the power of video games.

Bringing Entertainment, Gaming and Sports Closer

With the Complexity Stars initiative, GameSquare, Complexity Gaming’s parent company, seeks to establish a platform that will bridge the gap between traditional sports and esports and allow fans and stars to connect in more than one way.

The Complexity Stars participants will work together with GameSquare and Complexity Gaming and each one will be able to choose a personalized strategy, depending on their personality and approach to video games. The athletes will be featured in various competitive events and brand partnerships.

The company’s head of talent and special projects, Duane “Zeno” Jackson, spoke on the new division.

 “Complexity Stars is an incredible gaming division where sports, entertainment, and gaming come together. There are amazing opportunities to collaborate with global talent through compelling content and tournaments that appeal to brands seeking to connect with the large, affluent, and growing gaming audience.”

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