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Published: February 16, 2022

Written by: Stoyan Todorov

  • Pro player Asfandyar “Khattak X” Javid claims he has not been played for four months
  • He has received just one salary since joining Clarity Esports in September 2021
  • Organization owner Nehan Khan responds to the claims

The Pakistani professional Valorant scene was shaken as pro player Asfandyar “Khattak X” Javid stated he has not been paid by his organization for months.

Khattak Claims He Has Not Been Played

Unpaid salaries can happen even in esports organizations, and this seems to be the case with Clarity Esports. According to Asfandyar “Khattak X” Javid, a professional Valorant player for the organization, Clarity Esports has not paid his salary for the last four months. To prove his point, Javid shared screenshots on social media and announced he has run out of patience and had quit the organization.

Since joining Clarity Esports in September last year, Khattak X said that he has only been paid his salary once, for the first month. He said that he has on multiple occasions requested his payment from the organization’s owner Nehan Khan, but every time the latter simply made promises that according to Khattak were never fulfilled.

“I admit my mistake of not asking for the salary initially when it wasn’t paid for two months,” Khattak said. “I thought of letting it go for time being as there must have been some problem, every person has their own issues, even if I get paid two months late there is no problem. After that Nehan messaged me himself saying that I will send you the salary, but till this day I have been inquiring about it and haven’t received a single penny so far.”

Khattak Shares His Experience Online

Looking at the screenshots Khattak posted, one can see that the player initially complied and agreed with Khan, the organization’s owner. However, the latter continually gave reasons and promises that over time tested Khattak’s patience. He had declared in the group that if his salary is not paid by February 6, then he would be leaving the organization.

Unfortunately for Khattak, even a week after the deadline, he did not receive any of the money he is owed. He went on social media to share his experience and also announced he is leaving Clarity Esports.

Many Pakistani players and personalities supported Khattak on this issue. This included Mamoon “TeaTime” Sabri, a popular esports host and caster, who called Clarity Esports “a ******* disgrace”. Nehan Khan responded to the accusations, saying he took full responsibility for the situation and accepted his fault.

However, Khattak has not accepted the payment. He says he does not want any of the money he is owed. He just wants to share his experience to raise awareness that these situations sometimes happen in esports. Just last month a similar situation happened to many Noble Esports employees, who claimed they haven’t been played for months.

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