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Published: December 8, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • The CDL 2024 today on December 8
  • The broadcasting platform was announced just 243 hours before the CDL’s start
  • Several big streamers will also co-broadcast the league

With the CDL announcing it will be exclusively streamed on YouTube, fans must be aware of a few important things.

CDL Broadcasting Announced

Today marks the start date of the 2024 Call of Duty League and diehard fans are eager to tune in to the first matches of the season. However, considering the timing of when this very important information was released came with a couple of small issues.

First of all, the notice of where to watch it was announced just 24 hours before the CDL’s start. Usually, such events are preceded by weeks of information feeding that gives fans a lot of time to prepare their schedules for when the league starts. Such short notice, like the one the CDL gave now, makes it much harder for fans to rearrange their day, meaning that many will miss out on watching the first matches live.

However, a more important point for players is probably the fact that this year, the CDL will be streamed exclusively on YouTube. “The 2023-2024 CDL™ season will be broadcast in 4K on YouTube Gaming starting December 8 at 12 PM PST/3 PM EST,” the CDL’s official statement reads on the matter.

Perhaps it should not come as a surprise to anyone that the league switched entirely to streaming on the Google-owned platform. In early 2023, the CDL was broadcast exclusively to Twitch where a lot of streamers, such as Scump, ZooMaa, and others, helped it reach unparalleled levels of coverage. However, in the middle of 2023, the league started multi-streaming on YouTube and rumors arose that it would make a permanent move away from Twitch for the upcoming season.

Scump’s first stream during Major Two qualifiers shattered expectations, peaking at around 95,000 viewers. Later, Major Three became the most-watched CDL event of all time, recording more than 335,000 peak viewers combined from Scump’s stream and the CDL broadcast.

With the CDL moving to being broadcast exclusively on YouTube, it might lose some Call of Duty fans who do not wish to switch platforms. Others might not want to use YouTube as their favorite streamers will also not broadcast there. That being said, both Scump and ZooMaa said that they will be streaming on YouTube and Twitch. The league also included the other partnered streamers who will co-broadcast the event in their statement which we have linked earlier in this article.

At the time this article goes up, the CDL would have already started, so make sure to tune in to official and affiliated channels to watch the first day of the season.

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