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Published: September 7, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Rumors say the CDL 2024 plans to host its first event in Atlanta, Georgia
  • It should coincide with DreamHack Atlanta, which will be held on December 15-17
  • Fans speculate what kind of format the next CDL will have

If the rumors are true, we already know when and where the opening event of the Call of Duty League 2024 will be held, although many think this will just be a Kickoff event rather than a Major.

New Rumors Surface

Just over a couple of months ago, this year’s Call of Duty league ended with the New York Subliners lifting the trophy of the CDL Champs above their heads in front of a roaring crowd in Las Vegas. But time has passed since then and pro players and fans alike are starting to look forward to the next competitive season, about which there is still not much information.

However, if recent rumors are to be believed, we already know where the CDL 2024’s opening event will be. According to reports by sources of Dexerto, the Call of Duty League is planning to host the first event of the next season in Atlanta, Georgia, home of the CDL’s perhaps most popular franchise, the Atlanta FaZe.

It seems that the CDL wants to combine its opening event with DreamHack Atlanta, which is due to take place in the titular city from December 15 to 17. DreamHack Atlanta was already announced to be the home of the COD Mobile World Championships.

Many Things Are Still Unclear

Considering last year’s Major 1 was held around the same time in Raleigh, NC, and was a Pro-Am tournament with the top four amateur teams in the game, we can be pretty sure of this year’s dates of the starting event. But although there is strong evidence of where and when the first event of the 2024 CDL will be held, many unanswered questions about the circuit still remain.

For starters, some fans have speculated about the duration of each event. Having in mind that DreamHack only lasts from December 15-17, or Friday to Sunday, many have been saying that this signals a move back to the traditional 3-day format from previous years. Additionally, other fans speculate that should the event go ahead on said dates, it will be Kickoff event ahead of the season starting in January, and not a Major. Furthermore, there is still no information about how many Majors the CDL 2024 will have or where they will be hosted, and by whom.

In conclusion, while it is safe to say that there will be something big happening during DreamHack Atlanta this January, we still have no 100% confirmation if it’s going to be a Major. In the end, fans will just have to stay tuned and hope Activision reveals more information soon.

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