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Published: December 9, 2021

Written by: David Kent

  • A female Blizzard worker has raised her voice against the harassment she was subjected to
  • She said that supervisors have mistreated her and have “asked her to have casual intercourse” with them
  • The woman’s attorney said that Blizzard should offer more money and a genuine apology to the victims

A Blizzard employee has spoken about her experience with the company, telling about the things she went through.

Christine Speaks Up

As the scandals around Activision Blizzard continue to develop and the company’s unfair treatment of women becomes public knowledge, one employee went outside the office and spoke about her unpleasant history with the company.

The employee, Christine, was accompanied by her attorney, Lisa Bloom, who later shared the story on Instagram. Christine, on the verge of tears, told about how Blizzard destroyed her dreams.

According to the employee, being accepted into the company was a dream come true. Four years ago, when she first joined Activision Blizzard, she felt that this was her calling and she couldn’t wait to work with the talented team behind some of the most popular games at the time.

“I was excited to be a part of a community that seemed to care so much about their employees,” Christine said, “Unfortunately, that didn’t happen to me.”

Christine was quickly subjected to unceasing harassment that curbed her enthusiasm. The heartbroken employee explained that she’s been subjected to rude comments about her body, was groped, and was invited to have casual intercourse with her supervisors. The company events she was invited to were a hellish landscape of drunken male colleagues making her feel uncomfortable which is why she eventually stopped going to them.

When Christine reported her negative experience, the company didn’t believe her and dismissed her claims, saying that the colleagues were just joking around. Trying to fight for justice eventually got her demoted and denied shares and full profit-sharing, despite Blizzard’s revenues soaring.

“Fighting to keep my job in this toxic workplace culture has taken a severe toll on my mental health,” Christine added.

Bloom Demands an Honest Apology on Blizzard’s Side

Bloom spoke about the ongoing scandals around Activision Blizzard and how the company’s efforts in fixing those issues continue to be lacking. The attorney pointed to the $18 million that the company has agreed on providing the discrimination victims and said that in the light of the hundreds of cases, this sum seems meager.

Blizzard’s agreement with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission will see the company pay the aforementioned sum and update its policies. Other than arguing that the sum should be higher, Bloom said that it is crucial to allow victim advocates to participate in setting the new rules.

Bloom also insisted that Blizzard apologizes for everything the victims have gone through. She demanded a real apology and not a corporate babble, saying that “it’s time for action.”

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