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Published: February 11, 2022

Written by: Stoyan Todorov

  • Astralis gains majority ownership of Danish broadcaster PiXEL.TV
  • This cements the esports organization’s presence in the Danish competitive gaming community
  • Astralis will aim to grow PiXEL.TV and its global reach

In a strategic move to diversify its portfolio, esports organization Astralis acquired a majority stake in the Danish broadcaster PiXEL.TV.

Astralis’ Strategic Move

Astralis is one of Denmark’s most prominent esports organizations, fielding teams in CS:GO, League of Legends, FIFA, Rainbow Six Siege, Fortnite, and more. In a move that will see Astralis move even deeper into the world of gaming entertainment, the organization has recently become a majority owner of PiXEL.TV.

“PIXEL.TV was the first Danish internet-based TV platform and over the past decade CEO Thomas Bense has built a strong position in the Danish gaming and entertainment community,” says the CEO of Astralis Anders Hørsholt in the official blog post. “The acquisition is a strategic move that will support the Astralis brand and activities, significantly strengthening our digital production, presence, and reach, to further engage a fast-growing audience,” he adds.

Despite Astralis’ majority stake acquisition, PIXEL.TV’s founder and CEO Thomas Bense will continue to manage the company.

CEOs of Both Companies Comment on the Deal

Astralis’ majority ownership of PiXEL.TV comes after a successful 2021 for the former. The majority stake acquisition is yet another move for Astralis to invest its vast capital. It aims to use its newfound acquisition to further facilitate communication between the teams under Astralis’ banner and their fans. Founder and CRO of Astralis Jakob Lund Kristensen mentioned that the organization has before made similar moves with the launch of its new modern gaming and entertainment center in Copenhagen, Denmark on June 19, called Astralis Nexus.

“With the opening of Astralis Nexus, we have established a platform where we interact with Astralis fans and the huge audience for casual gaming,” Kristensen said in Astralis’ blogpost. “Just as the Astralis Nexus is for everyone, whether you are a hardcore Counter-Strike player or just having fun with Candy Crush, with a broad range of content, PiXEL.TV will be a broad, inclusive media platform embracing all types of gamers.”

Founder and director of PiXEL.TV Thomas Bense said that he is looking forward to working with Astralis. He hopes that with his platform’s experience and Astralis’ investment and reach, the former will be able to grow more rapidly. “There is plenty of room to grow in the Danish market, and the way Astralis invest to position themselves internationally opens a lot of possibilities for PiXEL.TV abroad,” Bense explained.

Kristensen echoed this sentiment by Astralis wants to make PiXEL.TV the largest gaming platform in Denmark, while also growing an international audience. “It will be the source of engaging entertainment across all channels, also providing a space to grow for some of the many talented creators in Denmark,” he explained.

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