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Published: November 18, 2021

Written by: Barney

  • Asmongold has spoken against Bobby Kotick, in the wake of the scandalous WSJ report
  • The report in question claimed that Kotick knew about the harassment of women all along
  • Asmongold pointed out that Kotick is singlehandedly responsible for much of the drama the company is going through

Asmongold, a person who deeply cares about WoW and its future, has accused Activision Blizzard’s CEO Bobby Kotick of being responsible for most of the company’s woes.

Asmongold Directs His Gaze Towards Kotick

Asmongold, a prominent Twitch streamer, popular for his MMORPG content and upfront opinions, has long criticized Activision Blizzard for the various scandals surrounding it, as well as the company’s repeated failures in regard to its games. Now Asmongold has directed his disgruntlement towards the chief executive behind the company – Bobby Kotick.

Because of his interest in the industry behind the games he’s playing, Asmongold has closely followed how the situation around the lawsuit between Blizzard and the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing. Blizzard had begun taking steps towards redeeming itself but a recent report by the Wall Street Journal alleged that Kotick knew about the sexual harassment issues for years and did nothing to stop it. Although Kotick tried to deny the claims, the fire was fanned once again.

Asmongold joined the fray, accusing Bobby Kotick of the unacceptable workplace culture Activision Blizzard has cultivated over the years.

“F*ck Bobby Kotick,” Asmongold said in a brief tweet. 

The post quickly gathered attention from the community with many agreeing with the statement and some pointing out that no protest will be effective as long as people continue paying money for Blizzard games.

The Streamer Alleges Kotick is Behind Most of the Blizzard Drama

Asmongold spoke more about his opinion in a stream he held after the tweet. He elaborated that there isn’t much more he can say on the topic, other than his short-spoken tweet.

Asmongold elaborated that Kotick has been the source of much of the trouble and drama Activision Blizzard has had to go through. Asmogold pointed out that every single thing one may hear about Kotick’s persona, outside of Kotick’s own words, of course, will be negative.

“This person just makes the entire company look bad. But he makes them a lot of money. I think we’re going to see very soon in the next couple of days whether making them that amount of money is going to make the difference,” the streamer concluded.

The whole saga revolves around Blizzard nurturing unhealthy workplace ethics for years and allowing a so-called “frat-boy” culture to take deep root within the workforce. According to various reports, the terrible conditions have even led to the suicide of a female employee.

Kotick has tried to mitigate some of the damage by accusing his “tone deaf” colleagues and reducing his own salary. However, the recent WSJ reports are very concerning and may seriously undermine Activision Blizzard’s efforts to mitigate the lawsuit-related harm.

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