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Published: February 24, 2022

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Apple retail workers are demanding higher wages and benefits in response to the inflation of many goods and services
  • There are many talks about unionization within the company
  • Many employees have started using Android phones in fears of their communications being tracked

Apple employees have been continuing to unionize in demands for higher wages. According to recent rumors, they have started using Android phones in fear Apple is taping their devices.

Apple Employees Switch to Android Phones

With the inflation that’s been seen affecting almost every part of living in recent months, it is no surprise that some companies’ employees are making an effort to unionize in hopes of getting wage increases. Apple has not been spared this trend and many of its retail workers are coming together to have more power when it comes to demanding things from their employers.

One curious thing that has come up from this is that many of these employees are switching their iPhones in favor of Apple-based systems, according to the Washington Post. The reason is that many are worried that Apple might be tracking their devices and communications.

Apple’s retail workers’ wages usually go between $17 and up to $30 per hour, and also include stock grants. However, this seems to be lagging considering the rising prices of food, fuel, services, and many others in the past few months.

Employees Want Their Wages to Be Raised

The employees’ struggle for higher wages has resulted in many switching over to Android phones in fears Apple might be tapping their communications. The Washington Post says that union leaders have held secret meetings and communicated through encrypted messages. However, it has to be said that currently there is no information if any specific incident has prompted the employees to take such precautions.

According to the Washington Post, workers from two Apple stores have already secured the backing of national labor organizations and will apply for representation with the National Labor Relations Board. Some of Washington Post’s sources have told the news outlet that some managers have dissuaded employees from unionizing, claiming this will hurt their bids for better wages and benefits.

One retail worker said that they have co-workers and friends that do not make enough to get buy. “They’re struggling and they’re hurting and we work for a company that has the resources to make sure that they’re taken care of.”

The plight of the employees comes at a time when Apple sees massive growth in its income, caused at least in part by the increase in media consumption that resulted from the many lockdowns. In 2021 alone, Apple generated a revenue of $378 billion, a staggering increase from the $240 billion in 2017.

With the company’s revenue increasing, as well as the rising inflations, employees will continue to demand higher wages and benefits.

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