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Published: July 5, 2021

Written by: Barney

  • Hackers from the Titanfall community tore down Apex Legends servers
  • The vigilantes did so as a means to raise awareness for the sorry state of Titanfall
  • Respawn Entertainment quickly fixed Apex Legends’ servers and got them back up

Hackers took down Apex Legends’ Servers as they wanted to urge Respawn Entertainment to take action and work on fixing one of their other games – Titanfall. 

Hacking in the Name of Titanfall

In one of the most curious cases in hacking in recent times, hackers took down several Apex Legends servers as they demanded the developing company to fix Titanfall – one of their other games. A fake “limited-time game mode” led people to a site named which explained the hackers’ issues. 

According to the hackers, Titanfall has been utterly neglected by Respawn Entertainment and, as a result, has fallen victim to numerous hacking distributed denial-of-service attacks. According to, fans have been begging for action for a long time, yet one was never taken. The community, hackers, and casual players alike are deeply disappointed by Respawn Entertainment’s inaction, which led to the taking of the Apex servers as a sign of protest. 

The other ill-intentioned hackers who ruined Titanfall were at it for years. Respawn was well-aware of their attacks and spoke about them briefly in April and May but understated that this has been the case for a long while. and the hackers who wanted to raise awareness for Titanfall’s state added that they are not affiliated. 

The Aftermath of the Conflict

In a brief official statement, Respawn Entertainment promised that it was working on resolving the issue with Apex Legends’ servers. 

Later the company released an update to their servers that apparently fixed them and got them all functioning again. However, the Respawn stated that it might take a while for the fix to cover all of the game’s servers. 

In a discussion between Dot Esports and data miner Shrugtal, the esports news outlet was informed that the attack carried out by the Titanfall-concerned hackers likely required access to Apex’s playlist file, which contains the servers’ game modes. Shrugtal explained that in this way, the hackers could alter the in-game text to their liking and additionally exploit the weaknesses in the security to take down the servers. 

Respawn Entertainment is yet to bring up Titanfall, so it is unknown if the game will receive any support or the hackers’ questionable way of proceeding about it will irritate Respawn and will lead to their demands falling on deaf ears.  

Recently Electronic Arts also dealt with a hacking attack, although EA’s hackers were much more malicious in their intents and had a personal gain in mind. 

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