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Published: June 2, 2021

Written by: Hannah

  • Data firm Abios is expanding and improving its coverage of competitive FIFA to help fans and esports betting platforms
  • Abios is bullish on EA’s success as an esports title amid growing interest and viewership boosted by the pandemic
  • Abios will use advanced tracking and analytical tools to provide fans and businesses with new data products that benefit all parties 

As the esports momentum of the FIFA franchise grows, Abios is coming up with improved live data feeds to help esports fans, players, and bettors benefit from key insights. 

Abios Expands Coverage of FIFA Product

Esports live data company Abios is adding FIFA feeds as a part of the company’s expansion strategy and efforts to meet customer needs. FIFA’s gameplay bears a striking resemblance with mainstream soccer, which has made it one of the most bet on and watched video games, and a perfect starting place for anyone who is new to esports.

Viewers and sports bettors turned up to watch live FIFA streams during the nadir of the pandemic, which suspended most sports events in the first half of 2020 and continued to have a lasting impact on the world of sports. While mainstream sports were on hold, many alternatives such as simulated motorsports and FIFA took their place.

Today, Abios is able to provide quick on-demand live data for FIFA and offer sports fans and viewers a detailed breakdown of everything they need to know about an ongoing contest. In the meantime, the game’s viewership for the FIFA 21 Challenge set a new per-minute viewership record of 254,000 people tuning in to watch.

This has immediately propelled the game alongside other trusted and enjoyed esports events, such as Rocket League, Rainbow Six Siege, and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Abios said. Abios further acknowledges the game’s ability to retain and encourage viewership interest as it has been steadily climbing in terms of viewership numbers.

EA and Abios Are Bullish on FIFA Esports 

In fact, EA Games SVP of Esports Todd Sitrin has reiterated the company’s commitment to developing the FIFA franchise as a fully-fledged esports market over the years and one that can potentially rival League of Legends and Dota 2 events. 

Abios CEO Oskar Fröberg said that the company is excited about the long-term prospects of the FIFA franchise, which will continue to develop. In Fröberg’s opinion, video games and simulators that are based on real-world events have been very successful in the past year. 

He’s not wrong, as eNASCAR continued to generate substantial viewership even with real-life events suspended. The Olympics movement has begun including various simulators that were welcomed by athletes, even though some remained skeptical. 

Nevertheless, Abios has been able to gauge some lasting impact from the attention simulator games received during the pandemic:

“Even though regular football is back on track, we believe that FIFA still holds its place as a filler product and sport for those who can’t wait for the next match.”

Abios CEO Oskar Fröberg

Abios are confident that they will continue to improve the quality of the data they offer as well as the coverage, which puts the company as one of the viable choices if you are currently looking for a partner who can help you provide viewers with the on-demand FIFA esports data they have been looking for. 

What’s Abios Bringing to the Table? 

Abios will be providing Tier 1, 2, and 3 coverage of popular esports events set in the FIFA universe, including LigaPro, FIFAe World Cup, and 2021 FIFAe Nations Cup. The data now accounts for stoppage times, scores, and half-times, with more solutions coming down the vision.

The company has also added a new “computer vision” solution which basically allows Abios to collect live data, extract and analyze data in milliseconds by using “objects tracking, object detection and segmentation models on images from streams.”

Abios continues to develop and deliver on advanced and reliable big data solutions for the esports industry. 

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