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Published: September 19, 2021

Written by: David

  • Riot Games is proceeding with the implementation of a universal Riot Client
  • It will let people find all of the company’s games compacted in a single hub
  • The client will not be forced on fans and people will still be able to launch their games from a shortcut

A new comfortable and easy-to-use Riot Games client will pack all of Riot’s titles in a single launcher.

Riot Rolling Out Its New Launcher

Next week Riot Games is going to make a significant addition to its arsenal by introducing the Riot Client. It will go live on September 20 and will serve as a universal launcher to all of Riot’s titles.

Not only will the Riot Client compact League of Legends, Legends of Runeterra, Teamfight Tactics, and VALORANT in the same package but it will also have a separate page for each of them that features its own hottest game news, patch notes, announcements, etc.

The new client is designed with the fans in mind – including those who don’t want a client. Because of this, people will be given the option to keep their shortcuts separate, if so they wish.

To celebrate the client’s coming, Riot Games released a short unlisted YouTube video.

Riot Speak About the New Feature

The Riot Client won’t take up any more space than the game’s individual launchers already do and will instead just build on the multi-game client and the features people are already familiar with. On the frequently asked questions page, the company explained that the new client isn’t exactly new software but rather an upgrade to the current one.

“So you won’t have to install anything new, but you will have the option of using the Riot Client as a one-stop-shop for all our titles,” the company summarized it.

As for the vision behind the new client, here is what Riot had to say:

 “We wanted to develop a client that would give you the best experience possible and get you into your favorite desktop game quickly while also giving you the opportunity to explore all of what Riot has to offer,” the company explained.

The company revealed that the game pages will now include cinematic backgrounds and previews of events and news that are relevant to the players.

The new launcher may get delayed a few days until October 4 as Riot will first test its stability and bring it back for repairs if such is needed. Fans need to just “sit back, relax” and Riot will do the rest, it says.

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