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Published: July 3, 2023

Written by: Stoyan Todorov

  • Imperial took the match 2-0 after barely surviving the first map
  • They regain the initiative after a disappointing run at the t ESL Pro League S17 last month
  • Despite losing, paiN will participate in the BLAST Paris Major Americas RMR this week

Brazilian CS:GO team Imperial complete the team list for the BLAST Premier Spring Final, joining the likes of FaZe, NaVi, G2, and Cloud9.

Imperial Beat PaiN

Gabriel “⁠FalleN⁠” Toledo’s men have successfully navigated through the BLAST Premier Spring Americas Showdown, defeating a ton of enemies, before finally facing paiN, who put up a fierce resistance before finally folding over and letting Imperial proceed forward. FalleN and company now become the eighth and final team that will play at the BLAST Premier Spring Final, which will be held on June 7 to 11 and will offer a $425 000 prize pool. 

Imperial’s path so far was not simple. The team had to defeat the likes of Complexity and EG Black before even getting the opportunity to face paiN. Imperial’s recent run helps the team regain their footing after suffering a near loss to SAW at the ESL Pro League, which sent them to the last chance bracket. 

PaiN’s defeat at the hands of Imperial comes as a tough pill to swallow, given that they had scored impressive wins over MIBR and Liquid to make it to the qualifying match. Despite that, paiN performed well in the ESL Pro League last month and will participate in the BLAST Paris Major Americas RMR, which will take place in Monterrey, Mexico from April 6-9. 

How Did the Match Go?

Despite ultimately falling, paiN put up stiff resistance against Imperial, especially on the first map, Inferno. Imperial took the initiative from the start, but paiN quickly stopped their momentum in the latter rounds of the first half. Imperial once again regained the initiative when the sides flipped, quickly gaining a big 13-8 lead, but paiN began to claw back into the map. It looked like Rodrigo “⁠biguzera⁠” Bittencourt’s men would force an overtime, but Imperial had other plans. They stalled out a bombsite hit in round 30 and denied a bomb plant to take Inferno 16-14.

PaiN were now more than motivated to win and started the second map, Mirage, on a better footing, quickly gaining a stable 5-0 lead. Unfortunately for them, it seems in doing so, paiN had exhausted their energy. Imperial finally regained the initiative and launched a strong counteroffensive, disallowing paiN to even reach the double digits by the end of the map. Mirage soon concluded with a 16-9 advantage for Imperial, who now proceed to the BLAST Premier Spring Final. The event’s team list now looks like this:

  • G2
  • Heroic
  • Vitality
  • Astralis
  • FaZe
  • Natus Vincere
  • Cloud9
  • Imperial
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