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Published: July 3, 2023

Written by: Stoyan Todorov

  • He said it’s difficult to pinpoint a single reason for the team’s failings
  • He thinks that bad communication is the one thing uniting all these issues
  • Hylissang explained he had the same issue when he was in Fnatic last year

Many have been wondering why Fnatic performed so poorly in LEC 2023 and whom else to ask for answers other than their former support Hylissang.

Hylissang Gives His Opinion

Fnatic has not been performing as well as expected in this year’s LEC. The team’s lackluster plays have been noticed by fans and opponents and a number of them have told their opinion on why such a high-ranking team as Fnatic is performing a lot worse than expected. 

One pro player that also chimed into the discussion is MAD Lions’ Zdravets “Hylissang” Galabov who is a former member of Fnatic. In an interview with Tom Matthiesen, the Bulgarian player said he cannot pinpoint exactly one reason for Fnatic’s bad performance during this year’s LEC. However, he explained there are a number of problems stemming from the time he was still a part pf the team.

“Even when I was there, it was hard to pinpoint what was not working out and how we should fix things. I feel that it’s even worse now. It’s hard to say what the issue is. It seems like the players are not bonding together. They’re not a team,” Hylissang said, explaining Fnatic’s members act more as individuals than as a unit. 

The Bulgarian player explained that an even bigger problem Fnatic has is the fact that the team is not discussing said issues. He pointed out that League is a game that relies extremely on communication, including off-game and in-game. “You have to talk about these things openly. They haven’t gone to the step where you actually see how the other person thinks. I feel like there is no person in that team who is able to do that, currently,” Hylissang said. “It feels like no one wants to talk about the issues.”

It seems that these issues are nothing new for Fnatic according to the player. He explained that last year when he was the team’s support, the roster encountered the same communication problems and tried to deal with them, but to no avail. “We did have the talk last year. We went over the things we could do with what we had, and how we could improve,” the Bulgarian player said. 

However, one thing that was different at the time, the player pointed out is that “the talk” had a positive effect on the team, allowing Fnatic to make it to the Worlds. Hylissang warned that if no one steps in now to do the same talk, the team will not be the Fnatic that is used to being at the top.

Hylissang saying that Fnatic’s bad performance could not be blamed on one thing seems to be supported by the opinions of other pro players. Recently, Heretic’s Jankos also talked about Fnatic’s situation, saying the team has big problems with its mid and jungle. Meanwhile, Fnatic’s own support Rekkles puts a lot of the blame for his team’s failures on himself. 

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