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Published: April 23, 2021

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A feeling of déjà vu as yet another player finds himself on the bench after his team failed to qualify for the VALORANT Challengers 2.

Gen.G’s Unfortunate Final Round Defeat Ushers a Need for Change

Professional VALORANT player Danny “huynh” Huynh got benched by Gen.G after the team dropped out of the VCT North America Challengers 2 qualifier in the final round. This was announced by the organization’s official Twitter account.

Gen.G was defeated by Team SoloMid in the very final round and missed the opportunity fo qualify for the Challengers Two and by an extension for the Challengers Final. Despite being one of the best Jett duelists around, huynh got the worst of it as he will be suspended from the team’s main lineup.

Huynh elaborated in a personal post that he will remain a member of Gen.G but will not play as a part of the organization’s main roster. Instead he will be allowed to temporarily play in other teams.

The FRENCH CANADIANS Lineup Torn Apart

Huynh used to be in FRENCH CANADIANS roster that was acquired by Gen.G in the late spring 2020. However, despite the team’s initial success, currently only 2 of its players remain active in Gen.G: Michael “MkaeL” De Luca and Antony “gMd” Guimond.

Huynh has now been benched and the other two players, namely PLAYER1 and effys have left Gen.G and are currently playing for Version1. The latter team managed to do what Gen.G could not and qualified for the Challengers finals.

Huynh’s situation is very similar to that of another player. Young talent Jadin “Menace” Wagner recently got benched from his team Noble. The reasons were exactly the same as with huynh’s as Noble didn’t quite cut it during the Challengers 2 Qualifiers.

Esports teams are a dynamic thing. Players need to be adaptable because roster changes happen often as teams seek perfection. With huynh’s talents as a duelist and mastery of Jett, he will likely be playing again in no time.

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