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Published: November 13, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Modern Warfare III’s weapons are unlocked by completing Armory Challenges
  • This could be a very time-consuming practice if done in multiplayer
  • However, the Zombies mode offers a faster alternative

About half of the weapons and gear in CoD: Modern Warfare III are locked behind Armory Challenges, but with some luck and skill, they can be obtained faster by playing the Zombie mode.

Unlocking gear Through Zombies

With Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III launching on Friday fans from all around the globe have been playing it over the weekend and working on unlocking weapons and other gear on the multiplayer. About half of the content in multiplayer is locked behind the Armory Unlock Challenges meaning players have a time-consuming task ahead of themselves if they want to have access to everything.

These challenges can be done in multiplayer, which is how most players are likely going to do them. However, this could be rather time-consuming, so a lot of fans agree that the Zombies mode offers a much faster method. It also works for both weapons and Lethal/Tactical Equipment.

Players who have played any DMZ last year in MWII know exactly how this method works, but let’s take a look at it for everyone else who doesn’t know. In Zombies, one can find every single weapon and piece of equipment that’s available in multiplayer. This could be done by looting or killing Zombies bosses/enemy A.I., and for weapons specifically, players can also use the Mystery Box or the Wall Buy system.

The crucial point comes when you find said weapons as you have to equip them in Zombies. Do not add it to your Rucksack, make sure you equip it on your character. After that. You have to successfully escape, which can be done by reaching the special point marked with a blue person/door icon on your map. Once you do this, the weapons you have equipped on your character will stay with you, allowing you to use them in your next match of Zombies.

Since these weapons will now be available in multiplayer, the Armory Challenges are completely bypassed. It’s advisable to use this method if you want to speed up the unlocking of the weapons and equipment you want. Also, if you’re new to Call of Duty, playing Zombies at the beginning could be decently good practice for multiplayer.

Although the method is faster than completing Armory Challenges in MP, it should be noted that it would still take time. Furthermore, there’s an element of RNG as you’re not guaranteed which weapon and when you would obtain in Zombies. That being said, it’s still an alternative for some players.

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