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Published: October 19, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • CoD: Modern Warfare II and Warzone are both currently hosting The Haunting event
  • Players can unlock different prizes by using Souls they collect in the event
  • This includes the highly sought-after Ghoulie camo that is rather hard to unlock

With its vibrant animated textures, the Ghoulie camo is one of the coolest-looking ones in MWII and Warzone, which will be unlocked on October 24 and players who acquire it will have it transferred to MWIII as well.

Unlocking the Ghoulie Camo

Halloween is just around the corner and many video games are currently hosting thematic events for the occasion. Call of Duty is no exception so Warzone and Modern Warfare II are currently having the Haunting, an annual event that allows players to earn specific rewards for capturing Souls in the Souls Capture mini-event. Said Souls can be exchanged for various rewards in The Haunting event tab, however, perhaps the most sought-after is the Ghoulie camo.

It is one of the cooler-looking camos in MWII and Warzone and therefore it’s currently hidden in the event tab. It will unlock on October 24 and when it does, players will need a lot of Souls in order to acquire it, although it is currently unknown how much exactly it will cost.

However, comparing to other event item prices and the average collection rate of Souls, some players reckon that the Ghoulie camo will cost about 300 of the event currency. If you would like to get the camo it’s advisable to start saving up now. Of course, you can unlock the other event items before that and then save up for the Ghoulie camo. However, there is the risk you might not have enough time to do it this way, as The Haunting event in MWII and Warzone ends around November 6, and once this happens, all of the rewards, including the Ghoulie camo, will disappear.

This is extra important, as all of these cosmetics will be transferred to Modern Warfare III when it is launched on November 10. Speaking of which, MWIII’s beta is currently ongoing and you too can play it. It should be noted that any progress made within the beta would not transfer to the full game’s release, but all of your cosmetics from MWII and Warzone will. This includes the Ghoulie camo, which can be equipped on any MWII weapon.

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