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Published: May 31, 2021

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  • Hitmarker and Esports College Career Pathways will develop the future of the esports job market together
  • The companies are joining efforts to create case studies and actionable insights for people who want to work in the esports industry
  • Esports CCP will publish the first insight into the esports job market on June 14, 2021 

Hitmarker and Esports College Career Pathways have teamed up to issue valuable case studies for esports varsity programs graduates to leverage in looking for a suitable position within the industry. 

Matching Esports Job Hunters with Positions 

Esports and video gaming jobs platform Hitmarker has partnered up with the Esports College & Career Pathways (Esports CCP), an organization dedicated to helping esports college graduates find realization in their industry after leaving university. The partnership between the companies focuses on sharing data insights of the existing demand for esports and video game specialists.

Essentially, Hitmarker is the premier platform for hunting jobs in the competitive video gaming industry, with daily and monthly postings available. Thousands of candidates have already found a job through the platform. More importantly, Hitmarker serves as an aggregator of big data, which is then shared with the community.

Hitmarker’s breakdowns include a closer look at where esports jobs are concentrated and what specialists are in high demand, what the demographics of the esports workforce are, and more. The insights have been coming out year in and year out, keeping track of the industry’s heartbeat and providing useful guidelines to the business of esports as a whole.

Now, though, with so many colleges rolling out their varsity esports programs, it’s important to have even more actionable data that translates into real-world results. Hitmarker will provide Esports CCP with its advanced data, and for its part, Esports CCP will analyze the data and issue further insights. 

Hitmarker managing director Richard Huggan was pleased with the partnership and shared his confidence that his company’s data can be useful to people both inside and outside of the video gaming industry.

Case Studies Help Candidates Come Prepared 

“We’re really excited to work with an objective third party to investigate and present our data externally for the first time,” Huggan said. He further noted that the ultimate goal here is to help people progress in their careers and get valuable insights out of the available data. 

Hitmarker’s arrival in the industry is a bit of a godsend as the esports job market has not been really well-defined prior to the company’s first insights that began to appear a few years ago. Now, thanks to Hitmarker’s continuous efforts, aspiring esports professionals who want to do more than just play competitively have a better shot at finding a place to do so.

The new partnership will allow Esports CCP and Hitmarker to publish case studies that will ultimately deliver on these highly sought-after insights that college students are interested in today. Commenting on this, Esports CCP founder Katherine Amoukteh added:

“We are dedicated to supporting gamers who want to pursue their dreams in either college or career. The ultimate goal for everyone in this space is for every gamer to find their passion in this industry.”

Esports CCP will strive to provide relevant and timely industry data, with the first case study becoming available in two weeks, on June 142021. It will provide a detailed breakdown of what entry-level jobs are available to college graduates and will have numerous categories to cover, including software engineering, graphic design, and business.

Hitmarker and Esports CCP hope that they can highlight relevant and important information for young professionals to freely browse through and come forearmed in the highly competitive job hunt that ensues after graduation. 

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