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Published: October 17, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Riot plans to buff several ADCs in the next League of Legends update
  • The main buff focus seems to be on jungler ADCs
  • However, six other champions will be receiving some nerfs

With 165 playable characters, Balancing champions in League of Legends is a constant struggle and Riot’s Matt “Phroxzon” Leung-Harrison recently revealed what the dev team plans for Patch 13.21.

Who Will Be Buffed?

When it was released last week, league of Legends’s Patch 13.20 brought many major changes, among which were big updates for the jungle. However, one perhaps unexpected result of this was that a few AD junglers fell off heavily, and now the dev team is looking to fix these issues in Patch 13.21.

Matt “Phroxzon” Leung-Harrison, Lead Gameplay Designer for League, posted a tweet a couple of days ago in which he explained that several AD champions are too weak in the game currently. “However, the within-role champion balance is off. Some tanks are too strong and a lot of AD champions are too weak,” Phroxzon’s post reads. “We’re looking to return the AD ratio to the pet damage and do some more changes to the healing (to move some more back to flat values).”

The dev team’s main goal for the next patch is to focus on said ADC’s. These include Hecarim, Master Yi, Kha’Zix, and Bel’Veth. However, it’s not just junglers who will be receiving buffs in the next LoL update. Besides them, Riot is buffing LeBlanc, Varus, Morgana jungle, Tahm Kench top, and even K’Sante, who recently had a rework, which seems to have been insufficient right now.

Who Will Be Nerfed?

As usual, however, buffs are not the only things that will be coming to LoL’s next patch. Several champions are on the chopping block to receive nerfs, the first one of which is Aurelion Sol. “Scaling champions as a whole are a bunch stronger this patch and ASol is one of the biggest movers. We’re tapping him down some as a result,” Phroxzon wrote.

Briar is also going to be nerfed, which is a more interesting case. She is the newest LoL champion, having been released just a month ago, and has already undergone a lot of changes. Briar initially had a 35% win rate and needed some major buffs to make her viable. However, it seems the devs have outdone themselves, as she is now considered a bit OP and needs to be nerfed. “Briar has the sharpest mastery curves I’ve ever seen working on League, and it’s not close. People are getting to this point in the curve more reliably and so we’re taking her down some,” Phroxzon wrote about her.

Lethality Cait is also on the list for nerfs as she has been quite popular amongst higher-ranked players for a long time and is now getting to the point where it’s creeping into being her most powerful and popular builds. Jinx is also going to receive some nerfs, as the devs think that despite her style is to take down many opponents near the enemy base, “this patch has gone a bit far.”

Dr. Mundo will be tapped down as well since durability-style patches tend to benefit him and this patch was no exception. And last, but not least, Rammus will also be nerfed in the next patch with Phroxzon being rather laconic about the champion: “He’s just too strong with his heavy synergies with the resist buffs on the pet. Taking him down some.”

Patch 13.21 should be released next week on October 25.

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