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Published: November 6, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Blizzard had its traditional annual convention over the weekend
  • Overwatch 2 took center stage with the devs revealing many new features
  • Fans seem to be excited about the new things coming to the game

With several new heroes, a new game mode, and an accompanying map coming to Overwatch 2, fans seem to finally be somewhat excited about the future of the game.

New Content To Arrive in OW2

It comes to no one’s surprise that Overwatch 2 has not enjoyed the best of times recently. Since the game was launched last year, it has been plagued by many problems, ranging from bugs, to balance issues, to controversial changes Blizzard has made to the game’s cosmetics. It could be argued that many of these problems have been in the game before it was updated to the 2.0 version.

However, some recent events might suggest that the game will have a much-needed revitalization. BlizzCon 2023 was held over the weekend and it saw many new things announced for a lot of the company’s titles. OW2 took center stage as well, with the news coming from the game resulting in many fans feeling like the game might be up for a revival.

“I hate to say it but Blizzcon cooked hard,” one Reddit post’s title reads, with the OP explaining how excited they were about the newly announced heroes. Mauga, the game’s newest Tank character, was announced on day one of the event. Equipped with two chain guns (Gunny and Cha-Cha), Mauga is ready to bash through the front lines of his opponents and tear through anyone who stands in his way with tons of firepower. He will arrive on the battlefield at the start of Season 8.

More Heroes and a New Game Mode Are Coming

But Mauga was not the only hero to be announced at BlizzCon 2023. The company also revealed the game’s two next heroes: a damage character named Venture, and a support hero that currently only has the codename of “Space Ranger”. Both are scheduled to come to the game in 2024, with Venture’s release planned for Season 10 and Space Ranger set to arrive in Season 12.

Blizzard also revealed the game’s new mode – Clash. Like other PvP modes, this one will feature capture point objectives for both teams to fight over, but unlike them, Clash will have different win conditions. Clash features five capture points in a row, with the central point unlocked at the start of a round.

To win, your team first needs to capture the center point, then also push forward and capture the two points in the enemy team’s territory. Meanwhile, the other team has to defend said points, while also trying to counter-attack and push back. The match ends when one of the sides captures all five points or reaches a round’s score limit.

It should also be noted that the mode will come with a new map called Hanaoka and will be set in the home of the Shimada clan that Genji and Hanzo came from. The map will ship alongside the mode in 2024 and is a remake of the Hanamura Assault (also known as 2CP) map from the original Overwatch.

Of course, BlizzCon covered many more of the company’s titles, with announcements also including new expansions for World of Warcraft, new content for Hearthstone, a Diablo Tabletop RPG revealed, and much more. However, only time will tell if the announcements regarding Overwatch 2 will be the thing that gets the game back to its former glory.

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