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Published: October 20, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Riot Games released the new agent that will come to the game
  • He is a duelist and will be released with Episode 7: Act III on October 31
  • The VALORANT community already leaked the agent’s skills

Hailing from China, the newest country to receive VALOIRANT, Iso is the game’s newest agent, and will rely a lot on the mechanical skills of the player to be a great duelist.

Iso Is Revealed

VALORANT currently sports a roster of 22 agents, but another one is soon to be added. His name is Iso and he will join in Episode 7: Act III, which will be released on October 31. Riot Games already released a trailer for the agent yesterday and from it, it becomes clear that he is a brutal assassin lone wolf who uses high-tech equipment to gain an upper hand on the battlefield.

The agent comes from China, the newest country to receive the game. Although the trailer for Iso dropped yesterday, prominent members of the VALORANT community have already found out Iso’s abilities. Although he possesses advanced gadgets, they are as effective as the player’s skills with the gun, which makes Iso a true duelist. Here are the agent’s abilities:

Double Tap | E

  • Base Charge: 1
  • Total Charges: 2
  • Cost: 150 Credits

A focus timer appears when this ability is selected and Iso enters a flow state during which all enemies downed and damaged by him will generate an energy orb. If the player shoots this orb, Iso gets a shield that absorbs one instance of damage from any source.

Undercut | Q

  • Base Charge: 0
  • Total Charges: 2
  • Cost: 200 Credits

Iso equips a molecular bolt that travels forward in a straight path when it is fired and applies a brief fragile debuff to all players it touches. The bolt can pass through solid objects, including walls, and other structures.

Contingency | C

  • Base Charge: 0
  • Total Charges: 2
  • Cost: 200 Credits

When equipped, Iso gathers lots of prismatic energy, and upon firing an indestructible wall of energy moves forward in a straight path while blocking all bullets fired from either side.

Kill Contract | X

  • Base Charge: 0
  • Total Charges: 2
  • Cost: 200 Credits

Perhaps what is one of the most unique abilities in VALORANT, Iso equips energy which upon firing slowly creeps through the map turning it into an interdimensional 1v1 arena. When an enemy player steps on it, they and Iso are teleported into said arena and have to duel until one of them dies.

With such an interesting skillset, Iso has a big potential to become a great duelist. His gameplay will heavily rely on the mechanical prowess of players and he could be great at handling all-out fights, retaking sites, and breaking into spaces. It will be interesting to see how the community will use Iso when he comes out.

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